5 Foolproof Ways to Find Your Faith

5 Foolproof Ways to Find Your Faith

My faith used to be fickle. It worked for me when I needed it and got shoved to the side when I didn’t. I always had a strong connection and belief in God, mostly. Is that contradictory? I figured that if I was wrong and that when we die we’re just dead, then it wouldn’t matter anyway because we’d be dead and wouldn’t know it. How ‘bout that for faith, right? Fortunately, I’m past that now.

That type of belief might cause some people to live lives out of control, focusing only on themselves and their own desires. Others might choose to live the best they know how while they’re here since this would be their only chance.

I’ve lived by both philosophies, but now I live in faith because that’s where I find my joy, my peace, my motivation. Everyone should know this joy, and when I think back over how I came to my own deep-down, for sure belief, I marvel over the difference it’s made in my life. Everyone deserves to know His truth from the inside out! 

1. Let go of control – For me, this is probably the hardest. I like to be in control. It makes me feel, well, in control. Safe. However, one hard thing to realize is that we’re really not in control at all. When you become so intent on controlling everything, the let-down when things don’t go your way are too extreme. Allow yourself to just ‘be’. As I tell my children, work each day to put things in place so that good things happen. Then, be flexible.

2. Be open to the possibility that God is way bigger than religion allows Him to be – religion is important for those who need or use it to become closer to God. I’m religious. I grew up regularly attending church and love it. My husband and I have raised our children in the church. What I want to express here, though, is that it isn’t religion (the rules of God) that creates a personal relationship with Him. We (all people) will never truly agree on which religion is the right one (ours, right?). But we can agree on the universal truths of unconditional love and the peace it brings. Am I saying don’t go to church? Absolutely not! Worshipping with like-minded believers strengthens our faith and our relationship with God and each other.

3. Understand that we’re in this for the long haul  This earthly life is not all we have or all we are.

4. Take time to be quiet and listen to God – Psalm 42:10 states, He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” This verse gets quoted so frequently, but are we listening to it? Are we truly following the Word and being still so that we can know Him?

5. Trust God, Trust Yourself – this one is also difficult for me. One of the things that helped me most was something a friend of mine once said, “Believing isn’t just saying I accept the facts; believing is putting your trust in the one you say you believe in.” Doesn’t that just ring true? Anyone can say, “I believe in God.” But until we actually trust Him, we’re not really living that belief. Trust the peace He brings, trust the love He fills you with, trust His promises, trust what He says about you.

All my life I wanted to just believe and never doubt. I thought that was the way I was ‘supposed’ to be, and so I lived my life looking outside of myself for God and for my faith in Him. I counted on the things I saw with my physical eyes to help me determine whether or not I had ‘faith’ and while you can definitely see God in the beauty and goodness in the world, only when you can implement these five points in your every moment can you live fully.

How and where do you find your faith?

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  1. Great list. For me, the hardest is making time. I have to be very intentional about that. But the rewards are so worth getting up that extra half hour early to spend time with Jesus. Thanks! Pinning!


    1. Time is definitely a factor! Getting up early is the only way I can do it, too. Thanks so much for your comments. God bless!

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