5 Reflections for a Faith Filled Day

The last of my children turns out his bedroom light. The house is quiet now, my husband gone for the week on business. The coffee pot sits, already programmed for the morning, ready to be the first to awaken and bring joy to my day.

I take a few moments to stop tidying, and I lean against the kitchen counter, dishrag still in hand. Thinking back over my day, I wonder how I’ve done. Have I lived fully in Christ today? Have I allowed Him to live through me or have I set Him aside, covering up His spirit and letting the world guide me?

How have I acted? How have I been?

1. Have I acknowledged God today? When my alarm sounded did I jump and run and never slow down or did I remember to Stop, Think, Pray, and Listen to Him?

2. Have I been patient? When my daughter forgot to tell me she needed a check for her new band book until the very last minute, did I respond in love? Was I patient with her? Or did I clench my teeth or roll my eyes or raise my voice?

3. Have I been kind? When I requested something from my co-workers did I do so with kindness? Did I respond to their questions and help them without complaining?

4. Have I been accepting? Did I include everyone in conversations or did I leave them out? Did I participate in gossip or did I walk away?

5. Have I encouraged others? Did I lift them up in all I said? In my words? In my tone?

These 5 reflections guide my days. I pray that Christ lives through me. There are many moments I get caught up in the world, and they are forgotten. As I commit to reflect on today, I strive to make sure I do even better tomorrow because I love Him and He loves me. 

Love in Him,

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  1. Yes. We should reflect on the day, but let us be gentle for He is gentle with us. He knows we are His WIP (Work in Progress) – in His eyes a masterpiece! Blessings to you, Julie. ~ Chris~

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