How Quiet Time in the Word Can Make You a Better Mother

Spending time in God’s Word Can Help You Be a Better Mother

As the busyness of a day overwhelms me, I can quickly lose my patience with others. So many times, this lack of patience appears most strongly with my children.

This has been the case since they were little. Now that they are young adults, I still find that when I’m stressed due to other circumstances in my day, frustration and impatience causes me to speak sharply to them.

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This upsets me the minute I do it. I don’t know why we sometimes take out our frustrations on those we love most. For a long time, I prayed for more patience. Unfortunately, that prayer sometimes felt like this: “Lord, please make me more patient. Now!”

*ha ha

But seriously, I prayed and that helped, but I learned eventually that I also needed to step up and take responsibility for my part of the prayer. Just saying the words but not following through by allowing Christ to lead didn’t make much of a difference.

In the blog post Stop, Think, Pray, Listen, I touch on the importance of taking time to stop and re-focus on Christ. I always made sure I started my day quiet and in the Word. Through the years, though, even that wasn’t enough. Geez, though.

That makes it sounds like I’m super cranky with my kids. It’s not that bad. I hope! I just know that I needed to work harder at remaining calm, listening to them better, and exhibiting kindness and grace to them in all circumstances. And so I begin adding more quiet time with God throughout my day.

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One way I added time in the Word to my already busy day was to turn the radio off in the car on the way to work and recite Bible verses I’ve been working on memorizing.

Another strategy that worked for me was to schedule 15 minutes right when I get home from work to study the Word. I might read a specific devotional or simply open my Bible and read where it takes me.

I also added time right before bed as well. Sometimes it’s only a few minutes and other times it’s 30. I make sure it’s quiet around me and immerse myself in Him.

I’ve found the more quiet time I spend in the Word, the more kindness, patience, and love I demonstrate to my children and to others around me.

These steps will help you implement quiet time in your day in order to be a better mother:

1. Start your day with quiet prayer, reading Scripture, and reflection

2. Memorize verses so that you can call them to mind when you’re feeling stressed or cranky with your kids

3. Turn off the radio in the car and use the time to talk with God

4. Fit in time in the Word any time you can whether it’s 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Read a devotional or open your Bible and read any random verses.

5. Use a bible app on your smart phone or tablet to easily carry the Word with you

6. End your day with quiet prayer, Scripture, and reflection

If you have been struggling to display patience, grace, and kindness to your children or to anyone in your life that you love, please try these ideas or find your own ways to incorporate quiet time and scripture more often throughout your day. Allowing God’s Word to permeate your thoughts will help you throughout the day in every situation.

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I’d love to hear how you incorporate quiet time in scripture throughout your day plus how it benefits you. Please comment below to share.

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