Practical Bible Study Tips for Beginners

Having Bible study tips for beginners makes such a huge difference. Although I grew up in church and learned Bible stories, I never deeply studied the Bible.

When it became imperative to me to learn about Jesus and who I am in Him, I knew my answers wouldn’t come from other people but through God Himself in His Word.

I was fortunate to find an online mentor who encouraged me and helped me begin. Without her, I wouldn’t have known where to start. She gave me a beginning.

Through the years, I’ve developed my own routines based on her foundation. I’d like to share with you my tips to give you a start as well.

You might use these from now on, or more likely, you’ll start here and eventually develop your own strategies.

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That’s when you’ll know your own faith and relationship with Christ has grown and will continue to do so.

6 Practical Bible Study Tips for Beginners

1. Find multiple translations so that you can find better meaning. If you don’t want to purchase several Bibles, use an online Bible like biblegateway.com or olivetree.com.

2. Find a group to study with. Following a guided study with a small group is a great way to discuss things to don’t make sense and to work things through together.

3. Study snippets at a time or set a timer for 20 minutes so that you can focus solely on your study but not be overwhelmed at the amount of material or amount of time it takes.

4. Be consistent in your study.

5. Have a planned time to study.

6. Remember the end goal, to know Christ and apply His teachings in your daily life.

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Knowing where to begin and then how to handle Bible study will serve you well. These Bible study tips are not set in stone, though. You can adjust to what fits your needs best.

What tips do you have for Bible study beginners?

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  1. Although I would not call myself a beginner, I am in need of reminders of the bottom-line basics of Bible study. I get in overwhelm sometimes and your point of 20 minutes is ideal for me some days. Thank you. I am glad we are neighbors at Kelly’s linkup today.

  2. Thank you! I used to be an avid get through the Bible once a year woman, but God has slowed me down a lot. I’ve learned to chip away slowly, digesting small chunks of Scripture and absorbing what the Lord is teaching me. It has truly been life-changing as I’ve been able to really hear what God is speaking to me.

    God bless!

  3. #4 and #5 and key for me. In order to be consistent, I need to set aside a time of day to dig into the Word. Thanks for your post – I’ve pinned to my Bible study board 🙂

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