Free Printable Christmas Cash Envelopes

Receiving a gift of an envelope with cash always excited me when I was a kid. Whether for my birthday or for Christmas, I enjoyed cash. 

There was something so exciting about being able to decide what I wanted to buy.

Even now, when I asked my grown children what they wanted for Christmas, they frequently say, “Money!”

image of Free Printable Christmas Cash Envelopes

Christmas wishes for kids are always so sweet. I love to hear the things they say about what they hope for each Christmas season.

For the children in my life, I prefer to give unique gifts to match their Christmas wishes. However, I do still try to slip some cash in their stockings as well.

I remember how that felt to open up a gifted cash envelope and consider all the possibilities for that money!

Cash works well as gifts for nieces and nephews, friends, grandchildren, etc.

When I give cash, I love to put it in a special envelope. Of course, you can always buy special cards for cash at any place that sells cards, but I prefer to save that money and print my own.

These money gift ideas would also work really well to add some extra excitement to giving cash.

Christmas Cash Envelopes

I first began creating cash envelopes in my Intentional Christian Financial Planner as part of a cash-based budgeting/spending system.

However, when my grown kids asked for money for Christmas, I decided it would be super cute to create Christmas themed envelopes to put the cash in.

If you have anyone you’re thinking about giving cash to this Christmas, feel free to use one of these printable Christmas cash envelopes.

I’ve created these in several different designs for Christmas. Feel free to use one or all.

To access the envelopes, simply click the titles or pictures below and download or print!

Merry Christmas/Green Plaid

image of Merry Christmas Cash Envelope

Christmas Cheer/Reds and Greens

image of Christmas Cheer Christmas cash Envelope

Happy Holidays/Red Gingham

image of Happy Holidays Christmas Cash Envelope

Tree and Presents

image of Tree and Presents Christmas Cash Envelope

Santa and Reindeer

image of Santa and Reindeer Christmas Cash Envelope

How to use these Christmas Cash Envelopes

  1. Click on the title or image of the envelope(s) you want.
  2. Print the page on heavy weight paper or cardstock. (I use an HP OfficeJet printer with such such paper).
  3. Cut out the envelope along the outside line.
  4. Fold the envelope along the lines/creases.
  5. Tape the envelope but be sure to leave the flap open in order to put the money in.

Ideas for Your Christmas Cash Envelopes

This probably goes without saying, but these envelopes aren’t to be used to mail a letter.

Instead, here are a few ideas for them:

  1. Place them in a stocking
  2. Hang them on the tree (I’ve done this, and it’s really fun)
  3. Wrap them up in a box for extra fun

Other Christmas Printables:

Christmas Gift Tags

image of Christmas gift tags

Christmas Coloring Scriptures (5 Unique Designs)

image of Christmas Coloring Scriptures Pages

Connect with Christ this Christmas Bundle

images of pages included in Connect with Christ this Christmas

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image of Free Christmas Cash Envelopes
image of Christmas Cash Envelopes

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  1. I prefer buying gifts but putting some cash in a nice envelope and then in a stocking or wrapped inside of a box is a nice touch, too. Thanks for sharing these adorable envelopes. 🙂

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