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Christmas Scripture Prayer Cards – FREE

God’s greatest gift to us came in the form of a beautiful baby boy. When Christ was born, people had hope and knew love. What a true blessing Jesus was and is to us.

Because of God’s grace and His gift of His Son, believers have eternal life and begin to understand what that means.

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I think of the way those who have a spiritual revelation are said to be ‘born again’. I’ve met people who’ve told me, “I’m a born again Christian.” 

I grew up in a loving church and have always considered myself a Christian. However, I plainly recall as an adult finding my way through a difficult time, experiencing the all-encompassing relief I felt after giving my grief to God. In that one specific moment, I knew grace. I had hope again. 

Yes, Christ was born for us, and He’s also born IN us…in the beginning and each day as we follow His path throughout.

As women’s ministry leaders, we want to share this message of Jesus’ birth with all women. That can be difficult, however, when we all feel overwhelmed by the frantic pace of the entire Christmas season.

No matter how busy the holidays get, though, it’s so much fun to schedule time to get together with our women’s group to celebrate Christmas together.

I created these FREE Christmas Scripture Prayer Cards for you. They’ll be a PERFECT addition to your meeting or party. Click HERE to get your free Christmas scripture prayer cards.

There’s just something about the connections we make through our Bible study and ministry groups that fill us and help us grow in our faith.

In addition, taking the time to focus on God’s greatest gift to us through the birth of Jesus Christ reminds us of how much we are loved!

I encourage you to take time individually and with your women’s group to focus on Jesus and what His birth means to you.

These Christmas Scripture Prayer Cards are perfect for that very thing, and they’re FREE (did I mention that? 🙂 ) Click HERE to get your free Christmas scripture prayer cards.

Connect with Christ this Christmas

The Connect with Christ bundle will help us take the time to focus intently on Jesus. I created this bundle as a way to celebrate Christ during this upcoming season.

It’s packed with activities designed to guide you through internal reflection and strengthen your relationship with Him.

There are lists to help you keep organized so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Plus, there are family activities so that those you can celebrate with can enjoy the time and each other and strengthen bonds. Be sure to check out out:

Mockup of pages from the Connect with Christ this Christmas.

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