How to Make Inspiring Printables FREE (Free Video Tutorial Included)

Google offers a little known application that allows you to make wall art and to create printables totally free. Did you know that? Google Drawings packs a powerful punch when it comes to graphic design. Now, honestly, it’s not as robust as many professional programs out there that cost an arm and a leg, but it works perfectly for simple design (and even some not so simple).

How to Create Inspiring Printables in Google Drawings - Free Video Tutorial and Printable

Creating your own printables not only saves you money but allows you the design to create unique and personalized downloadable for your readers. You can offer scripture, inspiring quotes, posters, and a variety of other resources 

Watch this video and see how simple it is to create printables in Google Drawings:

I’ve used Google Drawings to create affirmation cards, prayer cards, wall art, and even simple logos. Being able to save the drawing as a PDF works perfectly for offering it to others. Plus, I love being able to save my drawings in Google Drive where I can open and edit any time. I know you’ll love this feature, too.

Pairing fonts so that they coordinate doesn’t come naturally to me. I found the site, Font Pair, which helps me. Maybe it’ll help you, too.

Here’s the wall art I made in the tutorial for you to download, Click this link to download the quote, and it should open right up in PDF. You can save it or print it if you’d like.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Create Inspiring Printables in Google Drawings - Free Video Tutorial and Printable

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  1. Lovely tutorial Julie. I’ve played around with G-drawing before but this just gave me so many great ideas.

    Sara @SaraDuggan.me

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