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One of the breakout sessions offered at previous retreats was Crochet for Christ. Whether the ladies were expert or aspiring crocheters, they all found a place to fit in at this session.

Crocheting ‘Granny Squares’ was the objective. Our end goal will be to collect them all and eventually piece them together to create a lap afghan to donate to one of the local nursing homes.

Crochet for Christ Retreat Craft | Loving Christ Ministries

**Originally published February 2016. Updated May 2022.

Our first Crochet for Christ leader came up with that plan, and I love it!

Everybody used a size ‘I’ hook. That way, the squares would all be approximately the same size. Be sure to plan out your yarn, too.

We didn’t have enough squares finished in one session, so we plan to save them as we go until we do have enough. Because of that, it’s important to plan yarn and colors accordingly.

The limit of participants in the session was 10. That way, if any of the ladies were beginners (and they were), the leader would still be able to sit one-on-one with them to help them out.

I loved hearing the ladies say how much they enjoyed creating and what a blessing it was to have time to sit with the others in the group and talk and giggle.

The supplies needed for this session are:

1. An experienced crochet leader (this wouldn’t be me….I need to actually attend the session to learn how!).

2. Size ‘I’ hook needles (10 – or as many as you plan to hold in the session)

3. Yarn – Enough for 10 Granny Squares or at least enough for as many granny squares per people plus some to spare. Plan your colors for future squares if you want to eventually piece them together to make an afghan.

Crochet for Christ Retreat Craft | Loving Christ Ministries

Easy Pattern

We found the pattern to use here.

This page has information on how to read crochet symbols plus a simple beginning pattern. Of course, if you have your own you’d rather use, go for it.  

Here’s the link for the easy pattern we used: http://creations-by-valorie.blogspot.com/2012_01_01_archive.html

We offered hour long sessions. Depending on your event, you could offer several or just make your session longer. It’s completely up to you and what your ladies need.


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