Day 3 – Faith Blogging Course: How to Create Your Blog

Welcome to Day 3!

In today’s email, I’m going to show you how you can easily create a blog on your own. My faith blog changed my life. It has allowed me to share all my passions – writing, talking about all God has done in my life, and sharing tips and ideas for others to do the same. It’s also allowed me to earn extra income which has been so nice.

Plus, it only costs a few dollars a month to start a money-making blog. You can start your own as an option for an affordable ministry, a hobby, or to supplement and promote a current business. That’s a great thing.

For today’s lessons, I am going to have you head over to my free tutorial. Click here —>>> Step-by-Step Guidelines to Create a Faith Blog. By going to this part of the tutorial, you’ll get all kinds of perks such as step-by-step guidelines, discounted blog hosting prices, a free domain name, and general tips for blogging.

You can start your blog for just $3.95 per month through my special pricing that I’ve negotiated with my blog host, SiteGround, plus you get a free domain name. Be sure to grab this promo price right away. It could increase soon.

Believe me, you don’t want to miss this great deal!

One last thing. As a bonus for using my tutorial to create your faith blog, send me an email with the link to your new blog. I’ll help you promote your launch and your posts on my social media accounts as a thank you. This can help you jumpstart your blog and find new readers right away.

If you are not a student of this free faith blogging course, you can sign up by entering your information in the form below.

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