Day 7 – Faith Blogging Course: More Tips to Help Your Faith Blog Succeed

Welcome to Day 7! 

This is the last lesson of my free faith blogging course. I’m so glad you were a part of the course.

In case you missed any of the other days or accidentally deleted the email (eek! 🙂 ), here are links to each post on my blog. I have these tucked away just for my students so you can bookmark them for later if you want.

In this lesson, I’m sharing more tips to help you succeed:

Be Authentic

When starting your blog, be yourself! Don’t try to pretend you’re someone else. Your readers will connect with your authenticity. They’ll want to know they can relate to the true you and can tell if you’re being fake. Readers don’t tend to connect to a picture perfect (unrealistic) life. They want to know the real you – the sometimes messy but always striving to live a better life, better faith you.

Include an About Page

Let your readers know where you’re coming from.

You can include a picture, a bio about yourself, and possibly links to other posts that will describe you and your life even further. You’ll always want to include how you are going to be able to help your readers. They want to know who you are and what you offer them.

Reply to Comments and to Emails

It’s important readers know you care, and you can do that by replying to their comments and emails. Sometimes, you’ll have to write longer replies and sometimes it’ll just be a thanks, but taking the time to respond matters. Readers like to know the writers read their comments and emails.

I always feel it’s so much more personal when a blogger responds to me. It makes me feel good, like I matter. I think this is important for every blogger to realize but it’s especially important for a faith blogger. We need to let others know they matter, and we can do that in the seemingly little things like responding to them.

Make it Easy to Subscribe

Readers will seldom remember to come back to your blog even if they loved what you had to say. Be sure you include several places they can sign up for your email list. 

Network with Other Bloggers and Share their Work

The blogging community is amazing. I have made many friends among bloggers. Some are faith bloggers and some aren’t, and they’re all incredible people. As a faith blogger myself, I appreciate reading the experiences and perspectives of other faith bloggers. I feel it helps me grown in my own faith. I can’t say enough about the wonderful people I’ve met blogging.

You can reach out to other bloggers by commenting on their blogs and interacting on social media. Be encouraging and helpful. Make sure to be authentic here, too. 

Have Fun!

To truly have a successful blog whether success to you is followers or financial or both, you have to truly enjoy blogging. You’ll put in a lot of hours, but it’s such fun work. The best bloggers out there are the ones who enjoy what they do.

This wraps up the free faith blogging email course. I pray you’ve learned lots of helpful tips and ideas and that you feel encouraged you start your own faith blog and build His kingdom. You can help others and help yourself as you share your faith and live your passion.

I plan to send along other great tips and resources for your faith blog as I come across them. Bless you!

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