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Women’s Ministry and Retreat Exit Survey

One of the best suggestions given to me when I planned my first retreat was to remember to gather feedback from the ladies with an exit survey.

What a wonderful idea! I wouldn’t have ever thought of that on my own!

With our exit survey, we were easily able to determine what went well and where we needed to make some changes. For the first couple of retreats, we used a printed survey and then typed the information into a spreadsheet.

We found great value in the comment section at the end of our surveys and even use some of those comments as testimonials for future retreats.

Exit Survey Download for Women's Retreats

Over time, I developed a free online Google form to give the ladies an option to submit their feedback electronically. In their retreat folders, we shared a link to the Google form.

Those with smart phones could complete and submit their surveys quickly. The electronic forms saved us the steps of having to type in the information.

It’s probably best to not ONLY offer the electronic form. Many of the ladies prefer the paper versions.

Rather than spending your time making your own, use the ones I’ve made for you. Below you’ll find access to a completely free generic (but thorough) exit survey you can print immediately for use.

I’ve also created a template you can purchase that you can customize with your own retreat title, images, questions, and more.

Here’s the general exit survey I created that you can simply download, print, and handout. Click here —>>> Retreat Exit Survey

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Or purchase this editable survey and customize it with your own images, retreat title, and questions. Click here —>>> Editable Exit Survey

image of retreat exit survey from the Loving Christ Ministries shop

Knowing what went well and where you could make improvements is invaluable. With feedback, you can tweak any area that needs it and make your next retreat even better.

I wish you the best in your women’s ministry! Bless you!

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  1. This is so helpful! I’m planning two retreats right now and this (and your other resources here) are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them with your audience!

      1. I like to add a question that gathers spiritual feedback. I phrase it something like: what is one thing that God said to you and what is he asking you to do with it?

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