How to Write a Christian Blog when Your Faith Runs Low

One of the most commonly recurring questions I get about blogging, “How do you write a Christian blog when your faith runs low?” I first address the questions in the post, 6 Most Common Questions about Faith Blogging I Receive.

Although I answer the question in that post, so many people ask that I wanted to expound on it here.

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What to Do When Faith Runs Low

Since I first began A Loving Christ in 2012, I have definitely gone through times when I felt I had nothing left to give.

My passion came in waves and during the times I was honestly tired of my blog, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue at all. At one point, I even considered selling the blog.

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Sometimes blogging is like that. Passion subsides and doubt sets in. Other times, I wanted to blog, but I felt so far away from God that I didn’t think I had anything worthwhile to share. If I’m disconnected, how can I teach others?

During these times, I made myself take a step back. Immersing myself in the Word brings me back to Him. I find a quiet place and open my Bible to wherever it falls. Or sometimes, I simply wrap my arms around my Bible, quiet my mind, and listen to what He tells me.

This can take a moment, a day, or weeks as I take time to reconnect. I think not rushing yourself is key.

If, while your passion runs high, you work hard and set your blog in motion with new posts and social media promotion, you’ll be able take some time off when you need to nurture your relationship with Christ which is, of course, the most important thing to do.

What Happens when Faith Runs Low?

In 2016, I took an entire year away from my Loving Christ blog. I began to feel like I didn’t want to do it anymore…none of it. I didn’t want to write, create images, or anything.

During that year, I didn’t give up on blogging; I only gave up on this faith blog. Rather than spend any time on it, I began a new blog called TechGramma which focused on providing easy technology tutorials.

I am a computer teacher in my day job, so TechGramma came naturally. It also provided a more analytical approach to the resources I provided rather than spiritual.

While I still have the blog, it’s under maintenance. However, the TechGramma YouTube channel is still growing.

Taking that long break from Loving Christ actually helped me realize how much I missed it. God calls me to write this blog, and even when I think I know better than He does (yikes, do you ever do that?), I don’t.

I haven’t had any other time when I’ve stopped blogging for a long period of time again. I reflect on that experience and understand why my faith ran low and what I need to do when it does.

Why Faith Runs Low

1. We feel overworked and overwhelmed.

When too much fills our day, spending time with God in prayer and through the Word often gets pushed to the side. Then, trying to write to inspire others becomes forced and unnatural.

2. We doubt our worth.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought to myself, “What makes you think you’re good enough to share Christ with others?” There are so many amazing writers and speakers for Christ; how could I ever compare? When those feelings strike us, we can wonder what the point is.

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3. Naysayers influence us.

When we don’t have support around us, it’s easy to allow people to guide our thoughts and actions rather than God. Being around negative people effects us negatively.

Solutions to Consider

Despite obstacles holding us back, we can get through the times when our faith runs low. Here’s how:

1. Make time with God priority.

If we don’t nurture our relationship with Jesus, we can’t nurture others through Him. Schedule time for prayer and Bible study. In my post How to Study the Bible Consistently when It Seems You Don’t Have Time, you’ll find ideas on how to ensure you spend time with Jesus.

2. Understand your calling and trust in the Lord.

When you think about a path constantly and feel driven to pursue it, explore that feeling. Are your thoughts about what you want supported by scripture? Do you feel God’s presence around it? If so, trust in Him. He will not call us without equipping us.

3. Push through and praise God along the way.

Praising God through the lows as well as the highs will help you push through. Keep in mind your purpose on earth through Christ and praise Him. Praise Him.

How to Keep Going

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t needed to take a long break again. Remembering these solutions, most of all that our relationship with Christ must come first, keeps me pushing through.

We may not always be perfect as Christian faith bloggers, but we sure love the Lord and want to share Him! Amen?

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