How to Make Faithful Frames and Prayer Plaques

Making prayer plaques has been one of our most popular retreat crafts. These frames are easy to make and are so cute.

The women at our last retreat had such a great time making these faithful frames and prayer plaques.

They’re super simple to create which makes them one of our most popular breakout sessions.

The ladies enjoyed putting together their frames and being able to visit as they worked.

Faith Frames and Prayer Plaques

We used this description in our program to entice the ladies to join this session:

Transform wooden frames and plaques into inspirational chalkboards. Write prayer concerns , bible verses, or anything to encourage your throughout the day. Add some cute decorations and a magnet, and you can hang them on any magnetic surface. Let your creativity come out and join us in this breakout session.

Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden frames in different shapes such as circles, squares, etc. (we got ours from Michael’s, but most large craft stores would have them)
  • Small can of Chalkboard Paint
  • Various sized paint brushes or paint sponges
  • Stick on bows, letters, flowers
  • Circle magnets
  • Glue 


  1. Use the chalkboard paint to paint an area on the frame. You can use this area to write messages or favorite bible verses.
  2. Add stick on bows, letters, or flowers to decorate.
  3. Glue a circle magnet on the back to hang it on the fridge.

That’s all there is to it!

The ladies get a cute, practical takeaway they can use for daily encouragement.

Faith Frames and Prayer Plaques from Loving Christ Ministries

Ideas for Using the Prayer Plaques

Memorize Scripture

I love to write a scripture of the week at the top, and my daughter and I work to memorize it. I have to admit, she’s better than I am. However, as I tell her, the most important thing is to keep scripture first and foremost in our lives. I don’t ‘think’ that’s just an excuse for not being able to memorize as many as I would like. Always a work in progress, right? 

Beautiful Display

Hang your faithful frame in a prominent position in your house. It’ll be a great conversation starter. It’ll also make any space homey and comfortable while giving visitors a quick look at your faith and how important it is to you.


Use your plaque to leave notes for a family member or keep track of needed shopping list items.

Faith Frames and Prayer Plaques from Loving Christ Ministries

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image of women making faithful frames and prayer plaques - How to Make Prayer Plaques and Faithful Frames | Loving Christ Ministries

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  1. Lovely idea, fun to make with great company and a constant reminder of the day plus scripture to read! Might have to copy you on this too!

      1. We use wooden frames of all types and chalk paint the wood. I haven’t tried painting glass with the chalk paint. ~Julie

  2. What a wonderful Idea!! I’ll have to share this with some lady friends so that we can do this too !! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Cute!! I love scripture art about my house. This would be a great craft for my daughter and I to do together. Thanks

    1. What a great idea to do this with your daughter. I think I’ll ‘steal’ that idea for a spring break activity for us. Enjoy!

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