28 Easy Fall Crafts for Women’s Retreats

As the fall season approaches, it’s the perfect time to start planning creative and enjoyable fall crafts for women’s retreats. With a variety of crafts to choose from, attendees will have a memorable experience and a wonderful keepsake to remind them of the retreat and the lessons learned.

To make the most of your fall retreats, consider organizing a schedule of activities, incorporating various themes, and providing useful resources for your participants.

Explore different ways to schedule craft sessions during your retreat, such as having multiple women lead a craft or offering a single craft for everyone to complete together.

Alternatively, you can provide all materials and instructions in a large room, allowing participants to choose and work on their crafts collectively.

By incorporating a range of fall themes into your retreat, you can create a meaningful, engaging, and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Key Takeaways

  • Plan creative and memorable fall crafts for women’s retreats
  • Consider various scheduling options and themes to engage participants
  • Provide useful resources and materials for a well-rounded retreat experience

**Updated October 2023

Pinecone, fall leaves, and scissors in fall colors with title text overlay 28 Fabulous Fall Crafts for Women's Retreats.

Ideas for Scheduling Fall Crafts for Women’s Retreats

The following are different ways we’ve scheduled craft time for retreats:

Have several different women lead a craft.

When you choose multiple leaders, several sessions can be going on at once. The ladies can choose which craft they want most to do. 

This method of scheduling works well for retreat groups over 50. 

It helps break down the groups into manageable numbers so that everyone has a chance to get help when needed and not be overwhelmed by the numbers.

Offer one craft and have everyone do the craft together.

With smaller overall numbers at the retreat, it’s great to have all the ladies do the same fun craft. Camaraderie develops as conversations over the craft ensue.

Supply all materials plus step-by-step instructions for multiple crafts in one large room and let the ladies choose and then work on their crafts all together. 

The availability of craft materials is an important consideration. Supplying everything for multiple crafts makes it extra fun as it provides such variety.

To stay organized, place all materials and directions in large, gallon size ziplock bags. Also, have one or two leaders walk around the room to help as needed. 

No matter which method you choose of scheduling crafts, be sure to take lots of pictures to commemorate the creativity and fun!

Any one of these fall crafts for women’s retreats are good ideas and will brighten your event and provide a meaningful take-away for retreat participants.

**Note: Many fall crafts include pine cones. If you choose one of them, you’ll want to make sure you know how to clean pine cones for crafts in order to provide the best results.

Fall Crafts for Women's Retreats

As the season begins to change from summer into autumn, plan to offer one or more of these fall crafts for women's retreats at your next event.

Fall Retreat Themes

Explore Prayer, Scripture, and Music

Fall is the perfect time to gather with friends and fellow believers, deepening your connection with God. Here are some great ideas for your upcoming fall retreat:

Falling in Love with Jesus

Rediscover your love for Jesus and strengthen your personal relationship with him during this theme-focused retreat. Try this theme: Fall in Love with Jesus

Welcoming Thanksgiving

Celebrate the season of gratitude by exploring what it means to enter God’s gates with thanksgiving in your heart. Try this theme: Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving

Embracing Simplicity

Focus on the “Just One Thing” that matters the most in your spiritual journey, encouraging attendees to simplify their lives. Try this theme: Just One Thing

Agradecida (Thankful)

Experience the joy of being thankful in all circumstances, embracing the concept of “Agradecida.” Try this theme: Agradecida (Thankful)

Gratefulness to God

Take time to reflect on God’s countless blessings and express your heartfelt gratitude during this retreat. Try this theme: Grateful for God

Appreciating the Little Things

Learn to find gratitude in every situation, even when things may not necessarily be going your way, with the “Thanks for Nothing!” theme. Try this theme: Thanks for Nothing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creative Fall Craft Ideas for Women’s Retreats

There are numerous creative fall crafts that you can incorporate into women’s retreats, such as painting autumn leaves on canvas, creating decorative pumpkins with fabric, or making DIY fall wreaths out of real or artificial foliage.

Fall-Themed Activities for Women’s Retreats

To celebrate the fall season at your women’s retreat, consider organizing outdoor activities like guided nature walks to admire the foliage, fall scripture scavenger hunts, or even collaborative DIY wreath-making sessions. You can also put together a fall-themed Bible study for your ladies group and spend the time together learning more about God’s Word. There are lots of great ideas for fall-themed Bible studies online. 

Easy Autumn Crafts for Women’s Retreats

Some easy autumn crafts that can be done at a women’s retreat include making decorative paper leaf garlands, painting small pumpkins with unique designs, or crafting pinecone bird feeders.

Engaging Fall Workshops at Women’s Ministry Retreats

To create a warm and engaging atmosphere at your women’s ministry retreat, consider hosting workshops centered around autumn-inspired crafts, such as hand-painting fall-themed ceramic tiles, felting acorns, or creating corn husk dolls.

Games for Christian Women’s Retreats with an Autumn Theme

During a Christian women’s retreat in the fall, you can keep your guests entertained with fun games such as a gratitude scavenger hunt, pumpkin-themed Bible trivia, or a competition to see who can create the most attractive fall centerpiece.

Popular Crafts for Women’s Groups in the Fall Season

In the fall season, popular crafts for women’s groups often include creating seasonal wreaths, decorating mason jars with autumn leaves and candles, stringing together felt leaf banners, and making cinnamon-scented pinecone ornaments.

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collage of fall crafts with title text overlay - Fall Crafts for Women's Retreats
collage of fall crafts with title text overlay - Fall Crafts for Women's Retreats

Fall Crafts for Women's Retreats

As the season begins to change from summer into autumn, plan to offer one or more of these fall crafts for women's retreats at your next event.

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