The Greatest Teacher You’ll Ever Have

The Greatest Teacher You’ll Ever Have


In May, I completed my 27th year as a teacher. That’s hard to believe! For ten years, I taught English to students ranging from 7th grade to 12th. The other 17 years, I taught computers and technology. At the middle school where I currently work, I’m one of two computer teachers, so I teach just over half of the school population. That means I have literally hundreds of students who come through my classroom each year. I enjoy getting to know so many students but worry that I can’t always make a personal connection with them.

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I think about the teachers I’ve had throughout my life who’ve made the biggest difference to me. There was my grade school English teacher who called my writing clever and made me feel like a famous author. And my high school English teacher (there’s an English theme here, I think lol), who told me I was the greatest speller she’s ever known. Not true, I’m sure, but she made me feel accomplished. And my tennis coach who taught me to never give up and to take pride not in winning but in always giving my true best effort.

Those are the teachers I remember – the ones who made me feel special.

In my faith journey, my teachers were my parents who taught me the importance of going to church, being involved, and helping other people. My friend, David, showed me what it meant to not only live for Jesus but to allow Jesus to live through me. And my sweet friend, Angie, my pastor’s wife, encouraged me to memorize scripture so that I would have something to quickly draw upon in my times of need.

These teachers did what my school teachers did, too – they made me feel special and important in Christ. They opened the door for me to crawl, walk, or run through depending on the season of my life in order for me to meet Jesus and turn to Him for new lessons, for the lessons that truly matter. Forever.

It’s important we have teachers among us but it’s even more important to remember that God is our greatest teacher.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost six years now. My faith has been strong all that time. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have moments, sometimes days or even months, when I wasn’t on track. I felt unmotivated, and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to share with you.

In prayer a few months ago, it occurred to me that I was trying to force my words. I attempted to teach my readers rather than allow God to teach you through me. I let my busy days keep me from opening my Bible and continuing to learn what He has to teach me so that I could share that with you.

And when we take all that on ourselves without Him, well…it just doesn’t work. Have you experienced that before? It’s no good!

As I tried to do it all on my own, my words seemed forced, my message often disingenuine. I’m so grateful God’s spirit spoke to my heart and let me know I’d begun going about it all wrong.

I knew He was telling me these things:

Back up

Slow down

Get back to the basics

The thought ‘open your Bible’ repeated through my brain over several days after that initial prayer. I knew I needed to look back to the greatest teacher we’ll ever have or need, and I was being called to study.

That first night I started I simply opened my Bible and began reading. Since then, I’ve made to sure to participate in active Bible studies, and I answered His call, albeit fearfully, to share what He’d been teaching me.

Once I began listening to my teacher again, ideas and words began to flow. I found purpose again. And passion. And all the other things that come from Him.

So girls, this is my important message to you today. There are many fantastic teachers out there that we can be thankful for. But we also need to remember that no matter who or what we come in contact with in our lives, we have the greatest teacher ever, the One who leads us all.

He can teach us directly, and He can teach us through others. Focus on putting yourself in a position to hear the lessons He’s teaching.

And as far as a teacher making you feel special, well…. knowing Christ’s love makes you feel the specialist of all!

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  1. Love this!

    I can tell when I am getting in the way of the Word – it gets harder to teach effectively.
    When I pray first, study well, and then ask God to lead all of us as we study – the words come more easily, the lessons are taken in by those who are interested, and peace reigns.

    He is the BEST teacher. We cannot improve upon what He has given us. We just need to share it as it is.
    Thank you for posting this!

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