Living with Focus: 31 Days of Devotion, Scripture, Prayer, Reflection

Living with Focus


Because I needed to dig into the Bible and get closer to scripture, I challenged myself to 31 days of writing devotions. What a great experience it was for me to not just read but to reflect on scripture every single day and strive to actually LIVE it. I originally published these on the blog and then put them together as a devotional in order to encourage consistency and focus in bible study. Along with this devotional, you’ll receive a bonus companion downloadable journal so that each of you has more room to complete the personal challenges.

I hope you find encouragement and focus as you read through each devotion, scripture, prayer, and reflection.

Living with Focus

11 years ago, my best friend died. Despite having a loving husband and incredibly brilliant and beautiful (I’m their Mom; I can say that, right?) children, getting up and moving again from the despair I felt took years. Oh, after the first couple of months I could go through the motions, but finding joy eluded me. Only when I recognized God in me and found a peace only He can provide was I able to truly live again.

How living with focus can change your life…


Even knowing Christ, the busyness of life easily covers His peace, and only by choosing to intentionally focus on who I am in Him and how I can let that knowledge lead me in everything I do can I create a life full of joy and true living.

I put together the reflection journal as a way to focus on letting Christ lead me each day. I want to embrace life, live it fully, and follow my dreams. When I’m unfocused, minutes flitter away never to be gotten back. That frustrates me. Not that I don’t want ‘down’ time. I do. But I don’t want every moment away from my career to be ‘down’ time.

My desire is to learn and grow in who I am as part of the body of Christ. With these devotions and reflection journal, I found the focus I needed.

My prayer for you is that you also make the choice to focus and be intentional, to let God’s love and peace guide you and fill you with joy.

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  1. What a lovely challenge for yourself that reaps rewards not only for you but for all who read them. ^_^

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