Fun Marooned Icebreaker Game for Women’s Ministry

Women’s retreat leaders rely on icebreakers for every event – large or small. If they don’t, they should! 

A good icebreaker gets an entire group talking, helps the ladies connect, and often causes raucous laughter.

Engaging team members at the start of a meeting or gathering is crucial to foster communication and break the ice. This Marooned Icebreaker Game serves as an excellent tool to accomplish this. In this great game, participants are prompted to consider what they would bring with them if they were stranded on a deserted island—challenging them to think critically and share personal insights.

The game not only serves as a fun activity but also stimulates deeper connections among players.

To prepare and facilitate the Marooned Icebreaker Game effectively, you’ll need just a few simple materials and a basic understanding of the rules. During the game, you ask thought-provoking icebreaker questions that initiate conversation and encourage participants to engage with one another’s ideas.

Post-game, it is really helpful to conduct a debriefing session to reflect on the experience, consolidate learning, and discuss any interesting points raised during gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • The Marooned Icebreaker Game is a great way to start conversations in groups.
  • Minimal preparation is needed, making it easy to facilitate.
  • Debriefing enhances the game’s impact by reflecting on shared discussions.
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Preparing for the Game

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable game experience, it’s important to set up effectively.

This involves creating a vivid scenario and gathering the necessary materials, especially if you’re facilitating the game for remote or small teams, perhaps as an icebreaker in virtual meetings.

Setting the Scene

Before starting the Marooned icebreaker game, take a moment to craft an engaging narrative. Imagine your team is stranded on a deserted island after a virtual shipwreck.

Share this scenario vividly to set the context of the game. It’s beneficial to tailor this story to your audience, especially if they are a small team or participating in a virtual meeting for the first time.

Facilitating the Game

When you’re running the Marooned icebreaker game, your objective is to foster interaction and engagement within your group. It’s essential to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and interested in participating.

Starting the Conversation

You’ll want to begin by clearly explaining the premise of the game to your attendees. Let them know that the goal of this icebreaker is to share with the group which three items they would bring if they were marooned on a deserted island.

Mention that there’s no right or wrong answer; this is a chance for everyone to learn more about each other.

  • Set the tone: Start with an enthusiastic and welcoming demeanor to encourage participation.
  • Explain the rules: Make sure everyone understands what is expected and how to play.

Keeping the Momentum

Once the conversation starts, your role is to keep the momentum going. This involves being attentive and facilitating the discussion in a way that everyone feels heard.

  • Time management: Ensure that you allocate enough time for each participant to share, but also keep the game moving to maintain interest.
  • Facilitate engagement: Ask follow-up questions or prompt shy participants to ensure inclusivity.
  • Virtual adaptation: If it’s a virtual icebreaker in a work environment, use features like breakout rooms to give everyone a chance to speak.

By guiding the game with a light touch and genuine interest in the responses, you can make Marooned a memorable and bonding experience for your team meeting.

Directions for Playing

Time needed: 15 minutes

Supplies: Piece of paper and pen for each group


1. Give the directions first.

Say: In a minute, we will divide into groups (pre-plan how you want to divide them). 

When you get with your group you will have an important task. 

Imagine that you and your group have been marooned on a remote desert island. 

Decide together (you must agree) upon 5 items you would have brought with you if you’d known you were going to be stranded. 

You will have 5 minutes to decide what your items will be. Write them down on the paper provided. When 5 minutes is up, we will all share our answers.

2. Divide the ladies in groups and start the timer. 

3. Listen to the fun!

Special notes: You can increase or decrease the number of items depending on time. Many will say they want to take their Bible and a cellphone, so if you want to have them stretch their thinking beyond those items you can let them know those can’t be included.

Variations and Adaptations

The Marooned icebreaker game has different twists and formats that can be tailored to your group’s size and whether you’re meeting in person or virtually. These adaptations ensure that the game remains engaging and effective, no matter the setting.

For Different Group Sizes

  • Smaller Teams: You can facilitate deeper discussions by limiting the number of people in each group. A quick game format works perfectly for groups of 3 to 5. Here, each participant has more time to explain their choices and build connections with others.
    • Example: “You’re marooned on an island. Name three items you’d bring and why. Discuss your choices as a team.”
  • Large Groups: For bigger gatherings, consider a scavenger hunt approach. This variant encourages interaction as participants find others with similar or intriguing survival items or companions.
    • Example: “Find someone who chose a historical figure as a companion and find out their reasoning.”

Virtual Variants

  • Online Icebreakers: Marooned adapts well to virtual settings. Use breakout rooms for smaller discussions and digital tools for sharing.
    • Example: “Share a photo of an item you’d take when marooned and tell its story in your breakout room.”
  • Interactive Polls: Engage everyone simultaneously with real-time polls to decide on the most popular survival items or companions within large virtual groups.
    • Example: “Vote on the most essential item for survival from everyone’s choices and discuss the results.”

Debriefing and Follow-up

After the Marooned icebreaker game, you’ll want to harness the energy and insights that surfaced. It’s crucial to tie the activities back to the real-life dynamics of your groups, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and individual contribution.

Analyzing Team Responses

​Learning why each group has chosen various objects can help everyone get to know each other better. There are so many creative ways to anazlyze responses for the whole team and truly build team spirit.

Think about team building questions per item. Break down each item as follows and then discuss the best ways to figure out the group’s chances of survival. This will give you plenty of discussion time, laughter, and bonding.

  • Item ChosenWhy it was chosen
  • Item ChosenWhy it was chosen

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find everything you need to facilitate a successful Marooned icebreaker game, whether you’re gathering virtually or in-person.

How do you play the Marooned icebreaker game in a virtual meeting?

To play the Marooned game virtually, use breakout rooms to divide participants into small groups.

Share a prompt asking which three people they would want with them if they were stranded on a deserted island.

Allow time for discussion and then regroup to share everyone’s choices.

What are some engaging questions you can ask during the Marooned icebreaker game?

Engaging questions for the Marooned game include asking participants who they would bring if they could only choose from celebrities, historical figures, or fictional characters.

You can also ask about the reasons for their choices to foster deeper discussions.

Can you give some tips for facilitating the Marooned game effectively?

When facilitating the Marooned game, clearly explain the rules, actively listen to participants’ answers, and encourage everyone to share.

Keep the atmosphere light-hearted and ensure all participants feel comfortable and included in the conversation.

What are the objectives of the Marooned icebreaker activity for adults?

The objectives of the Marooned icebreaker activity are to prompt self-reflection, enable participants to learn more about each other, and stimulate conversation in a way that’s both enjoyable and thought-provoking.

How can the Marooned icebreaker game be adapted for large groups?

For large groups, the Marooned game can be adapted by dividing participants into multiple groups or holding a plenary session where a few individuals share their choices with everyone. This ensures everyone gets a chance to participate without the activity becoming too unwieldy.

What are some variations of the Marooned icebreaker game to keep it interesting?

You can add variations to the Marooned game by changing the scenario, such as being trapped in a time period or having to choose items to bring on the island. These twists help to maintain interest and spark new conversations.

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