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Done for You Monthly Ministry Meeting Packs

How I wish I had monthly ministry meeting packs throughout the years that I was the president of my local United Methodist Women’s group!

As a meeting leader, I wanted to make sure that we covered all important business information, and that we also shared a meaningful message.

I sometimes spent hours combing the internet looking for new, original ideas which I would then piece together to make a program and to organize the business of the month

Honestly, it was kind of stressful to spend all that time trying to gather resources, and I wished for ready-made resources that I could print and use for my monthly ministry meetings.

That’s why, a few months ago when I was praying for guidance on what I could create to help ministry leaders, God lay these monthly ministry meeting packs on my heart.

There are surely other ministry leaders looking for meaningful ministry meeting resources like I was. Maybe you are one of them.

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Why a Monthly Ministry Meeting Pack

When you have a full schedule and feel like you’re running from activity to activity, it helps to have resources already available and laid out step by step for you.

As a ministry leader, you probably want to stay organized during meetings, too. Plus, you may hope to share scripture-based encouragement with your team.

Our Monthly Ministry Meeting Packs are perfect for these things!

The packs are completely done for you and come with prayers, icebreakers, business worksheets, and more.

With little to no prep at all, you will be ready to lead a full monthly ministry meeting!

How often Will a New Pack be Released

A new monthly ministry meeting pack will be released one to two weeks before a new month begins.

This will give ministry leaders time to look over material and become familiar with it. While you don’t need to add anything to the pack, you might want to if you have specific topics to cover for your meeting.

What’s Included?

The monthly ministry meeting packs include approximately 15 pages of material. The specific resources include:

-Table of Contents

-Opening Prayer


-Icebreaker Questions

-Deep Questions

-Original Devotional

-Discussion or Reflection Questions

-Order of Business/Agenda

-Notes Pages

-Closing Prayer

Available Monthly Ministry Meeting Packs

January – A New Creation

February – All About Love

March – Planting for the Harvest

April – Christ is Risen

May – The Secret of the Kingdom of God

June – Take Time to Rest

July – God and Patriotism

August – Shelter from the Heat

September – The Best Kind of Labor Day

October – Time for the Harvest

November – Giving Thanks

December – A Baby’s Birth

How to Use the Monthly Ministry Meeting Pack

Print the pack at home or at church. Once printed, I like to use a 3-hole punch and then place the pages in a binder. 

Within the binder, I use section dividers for every month. This way, I can keep the monthly ministry pack organized and ensure everything is easy to find.

In addition to the pack, you can also keep other meeting papers by either hole-punching them also, or slipping them into the pocket folders or plastic sleeves.

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