An Overview of the New Testament in 4 Parts

New Testament Overview

I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve been learning as I have been studying the New Testament. I’m going to break this series down into manageable, easy to follow chunks of information.  I don’t know about you, but sectioning everything off in parts keeps me from being overwhelmed.

15 years ago, when my Christian mentor and dearest friend died, I felt lost, alone, and unsure of God’s very existence. He knew my existence, however, and He remained close to me throughout that time and sent blessings along the way to help me through my grief.

One of those blessings came in the form of a long-distance pen pal who became a new mentor of sorts, writing to me about the Lord and teaching me about His faithfulness. She sent me, a virtual stranger, a set of Bible study books and encouraged me to dive in. She told me over and over that I would find all the answers in His Word.

And you know what? She was right!

Bible open to New Testament with title text overlay - An Overview of the New Testament in 4 Parts.

It doesn’t come easy, though, learning the Bible. To truly know scripture and let it become an integral part of you takes lots of repetition, consistent reading, research, and reflection, plus someone to help guide you when you need. I feel a little ‘weird’ guiding others as I still see myself as that unsure, insecure girl from long ago.

But I’ve spent years now studying and trying to grow closer to God every day, and I feel He’s telling me that it’s now time to help others who yearn to know Him better, too. That doesn’t mean I have all the answers, not at all. I’m learning, too, and praying each day for guidance and direction in how I can be closer to the Lord.

And besides, as an over 30 year public school teacher, I know firsthand that when you teach something, the information soaks in deeper than ever. I’m excited about that! As I write to you to tell you about new discoveries, I’m right there with you, learning and growing alongside you.

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While I’ve attended Bible studies for years and years, I don’t feel like I really ‘know’ the Bible. That’s why we’ll start with the ‘basics’ in our Bible learning and begin with facts and an overview of the New Testament. Building a strong foundation gives us the basis we need before we move into applying Scripture to our lives and into our service to others.

This overview of the New Testament is for you if:

*You are brand new to Bible Study

*You’re not brand new but want a refresher on the New Testament

*You are interested in a breakdown and overview of the New Testament

Grab your coffee (I have mine) and let’s fall in love with the Bible together!

5 General Facts about the New Testament

1. Originally written in Greek

2. Contains 27 books

3. Has 7,959 verses

4. Contains the shortest verse, John 11:35  (my pastor’s wife who also led our weekly Bible study required us to memorize scripture each session; I used to tease her that this verse was the only one I’d been able to truly commit to memory 🙂 )

5. Can be divided into 4 sections which we will cover in more detail in future posts:

**The Gospels

**Acts and the Pauline Epistles

**The General Epistles

**The Book of Revelation

Oh, and as an extra tidbit (because I didn’t know when I was first learning and had to look it up), epistle simply means letter.

Knowing these facts won’t necessarily do anything special for you when you learn them. What you can expect, though, is how much confidence you’ll have in knowing. When we feel like we know the Bible, we are more confident in our faith. Use this knowledge to open your eyes and heart to the Lord and to connect with Him more deeply.

This post introduces a series that I will be writing over the next few days with the purpose of giving you a complete New Testament overview. Be sure to read – Part 1 – The Gospels – next.

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The General Epistles – Part 3 of the New Testament Overview

Revelation – Part 4 of The New Testament Overview

P.S. If you have any questions about the New Testament or if you’d like to share a fact not covered in this post, please comment below. Together we can share His Word.

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  1. I would like the study’s for Matthew Mark and luke.I am loving john.

    1. I am so glad you are loving John! I will let you know as soon as I have the other studies completed and ready for you! ~Julie

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