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Packing List for an Overnight Christian Women’s Retreat

Having a packing list while preparing to attend an overnight women’s retreat makes everything easier.

I know that when I am heading out to spend a night or two away from home, I worry that I won’t have everything I need.

It’s not just necessities I think about, but I’m concerned about my comfort level, too.

Knowing exactly what to pack depends on the venue of your retreat. Whether you’re meeting in a church or event center but sleeping at a hotel or if you’re in a campground setting sleeping in a cabin, you’ll need to pack appropriate items. As a women’s ministry leader, you’ll want to provide a packing list so that each attendee knows what to expect.

I add small font versions of the packing list to the tri-fold brochure and also to the online registration form. I also include a PDF checklist that each person can download if they desire. You’ll find the immediate download at the bottom of this post.

General Packing List Items

-Comfortable clothes for each day (don’t forget your socks!)
-Comfortable shoes
-Light jacket or sweatshirt
-Toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
-Water bottle

Hotel Packing List

-Items from the general list
-Favorite pillow
-Favorite blanket

Campground Packing List

-Items from both the general and the hotel packing lists
-Sleeping bag or additional bedding
-Heavier jacket (depending on season)
-Walking shoes
-Camp chair (optional for campfire)

Naturally, if the overnight is at a hotel, attendees can purchase any small item they might have forgotten from the hotel itself (such as razor, toothpaste, etc.) or a nearby drugstore.

If your retreat will be held at a campground, it’s a good idea to offer a small camp store. It’ll help anyone who forgot a necessary item.

Feel free to share this post within your planning and promotional materials so that your group will have the list, or even better, download the free PDF checklist and share it with everyone.

image of Retreat Packing List

It’s my hope that these lists will help you in your preparation for an upcoming retreat you plan to attend and/or to help you as you’re planning to host your own retreat.

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Packing List for Overnight Retreats
Packing List for Overnight Retreats

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I’m going on the first womens retreat my sister and I have taken since we moved out of state, and this list is very helpful to prepare with! Thank you 🙂

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