Purposeful Prayer

A Purposeful Prayer Journal for the Times You Forget to Pray! (Eek!)


I did it again. A friend told me about someone at church who’d been taken to the ER. “I’ll pray for her,” I offered. I meant it, too. A few days later, though, it hit me. I had forgotten to pray for her!

If you're like me, you sometimes forget to pray when you've said you will. This purposeful prayer journal will help you be more focused in your prayer life.

And another time…I received a group email from a prayer group I belong to at work with a request. As I read, I told myself (out loud in the hopes that would help me remember), “I will pray for her.”

And then I forgot.

Oh, I say prayers every night. Every morning, too. But as embarrassing as it is to admit it, I don’t always remember the specifics of who or what I need to pray for. My prayers are heartfelt, but they often become a vague sentiment rather than the concentrated focus I’d like to convey. My forgetful brain gets in the way of a purposeful prayer life. Prayer holds a power I strongly believe in, a power of healing, of peace, of hope. How frustrated I become with myself when I, such a strong believer in prayer, can’t remember who I’m supposed to be praying for!

Because of my desire to lead an active, intentional prayer life and my inability to remember the specifics of who and what I need to pray for, I put together my own prayer journal to help me focus and be intentional in my prayers. While I still pray throughout the day for whatever may strike me, I’m able to use my journal to pray intentionally for those who need it.

If you’ve ever felt like me and wished for a more focused approach to prayer, this free journal will help.

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  1. is this the form to fill out to get the journal?

    1. Hi Kaitlyn, There are 5 pages to print from the PDF file, but you will want to print/copy the 4th and 5th pages as many times as you need. Love in Him, Julie

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