Rediscovering God’s Presence in Spring

God’s Presence in Spring


I walk alone on the trail near my home with no iPod, no stopwatch. Just me.

Letting my thoughts go wherever they choose, I let go of the world and practice ‘feeling’.

While my day hasn’t been stressful, there’s a haze that clouds my mind from being cooped up inside taking care of housework and sitting and staring blankly at a screen. It doesn’t take long on the trail for that haze to dissipate.

Walk along with me and discover God's presence in the beginning of a beautiful spring day.

I understand God is inside of us. Our energy emanates into the world. He’s outside of us too – in the air, in the breeze, in the trees. I feel Him sweep lightly across the bridge of my nose, tickling my eyes – just a touch saying, “I’m here. I’m here.”

The creek runs beside me, faster than I move as I stroll leisurely along enjoying the feel of truly being outside for the first time since fall.

In the distance, I hear a car. It’s too far to interfere with the sounds of nature, almost blending in as part of God’s plan. Perhaps it is.

On a park basketball court, there’s the thump thump of a ball and boys calling out to each other using words they probably wouldn’t at home in front of their mothers. Being boys. Carefree in the spring. I hear God even in the words they choose – their happiness and care for each other. The camaraderie in their tones.

Birds fly everywhere. Robins, a blue jay, others I don’t know. I wish I could tell the differences in their calls. I would try to write the sounds but my words wouldn’t do them justice.

Robin at the Creek
Robin at the Creek

A squirrel skitters across the walk in front of me, pauses in the grass, and then races off and up a tree before I can get too close.

I go deep enough into the trail that I no longer hear the cars. I feel isolated but not alone. God fills me with His presence. I know He’s with me.

A little boy on a scooter passes me, the chug chug of the wheels on the sidewalk adding to my experience. The joy on his face makes me happy.

A siren blares somewhere, I feel sad for whom it’s for. They aren’t on the trail experiencing God. Maybe they think God has abandoned them in their trouble. I say a quick prayer for them that they might know Him right where they are, no matter their situation.

Dogs bark in yards somewhere nearby. I see a bicycle abandoned at the side of the creek, and I imagine its owner is somewhere close by wading in the still cold water, chasing after guppies or tadpoles. I remember all the tadpoles I caught as a child and grin.

Bike at the Creek
Bike at the Creek

I’m thankful to know God’s presence, for the time to remove myself from the distractions of every day life so that I might recognize that He’s with me. I know returning home doesn’t mean I’ll part from Him. I’m never apart from Him; He’s a part of me. But this time spent only with Him has given my spirit refreshment.

Love in Him,

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  1. That was so refreshing! I felt like I was walking down that path too, but I was sitting here drinking my coffee enjoying God with you! — I love how you write, Julie!

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