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Christian Women’s Retreat Registration Forms

You wouldn’t think retreat registration forms would be difficult to figure out, but I struggled with what all to include and how to format everything.

Many of the older ladies in my church didn’t have access to or didn’t know how to use online forms.

Because of that, I wanted to make sure to provide printed forms for them.

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However, online forms make registration so much easier to collect and organize the data.

I manually enter printed forms into my spreadsheets and with the online forms, especially since I’ve begun using Google Forms, it all enters automatically. Whew! I love this time saver.

So, you have to find the fine line between making sure you have registration available for all women and also ensuring you won’t have to spend hours of your valuable time doing data entry just to get your registration information organized.

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Customizable Registration Forms

In the Loving Christ Ministries shop, you can get customizable form templates.

 You’ll be able to tweak them, save them as PDF, and share them with your potential retreat participants.

You do have to have a Google account to customize these templates, but it’s free.

Click here to purchase —>>> Registration Custom Templates

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Full-page registration form template to customize
  2. Tri-Fold registration form template to customize
  3. Online registration form to customize

Click here to purchase —>>> Custom Templates

Free Registration Form to Download and Print

If you don’t need anything fancy, you might want to simply download this free registration form.

There aren’t any bells and whistles, but it should work well for basic information.

—>>> Free Registration Form

image of the free registration form from Loving Christ Ministries

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image of registration form with title text overlay - Christian Women's Retreat Registration Forms

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  1. Wondering if anyone can come to your retreats,or is it invites only? And where are you based? Didn’t know if you’re close to Ohio

    1. Hi there. When we have retreats, everyone is welcome. We don’t currently have one scheduled and instead have been focusing on creating resources for other women’s ministry leaders. We are in Missouri. Let me know if you have further questions! Love in Him, Julie

    1. Hi Karisma, please let me know any specific questions you have. In addition, be sure to browse the website where you’ll find tons of information and resources to help your women’s ministry.

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