How to Schedule Multiple Retreat Speakers

In the beginning, knowing how to schedule multiple speakers didn’t affect the Loving Christ retreats because Brooke and I spoke at every session. It was easy enough to plan our topics and order of speaking with just the two of us.

However, as we later began planning to bring additional speakers in, it became clear to us that we needed to schedule the multiple speakers in a specific way. But what way was that?

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Scheduling Multiple Speakers

I learned soon enough that other ministry leaders had the same question. Several retreat organizers emails and asked what to do. For example, blog reader, emailed and asked:

What do you do when you’ve scheduled multiple speakers? How do you know what order to schedule them?

I would go ahead and share five more similar emails, but they all basically asked the same thing. Their question made me realize that there are many more of you who would like to know the answer to these questions. 

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Here’s How We Schedule Multiple Speakers at a Women’s Retreat

  1. Determine the retreat theme – it’s important to know the message the retreat will convey. Everything will be based on the theme.
  2. Decide a ‘flow’ for the retreat – As you plan the agenda, consider the emotions and message that go along with your theme. Then, consider what each speaker will be contributing. 
  3. Schedule each speaker in the place where their message fits for the overall meaning of the retreat theme. How can their testimony or sermon advance the end goal for the retreat.

Things to Consider when You Schedule Multiple Speakers

Of course scheduling multiple speakers can come with challenges, too. Consider these things when scheduling. It’s better to be prepared for what might come up than it is to be surprised!

  1. The speaker’s availability – perhaps you would like for a speaker to be scheduled at a particular time but they aren’t available then. You’ll need to rearrange in a way that still makes sense.
  2. A speaker cancels – it’s always a good idea to have a back-up activity for the time that a speaker is scheduled just in case they can’t make it.

    IDEA – have several women lined up to share testimony. They can step in a share during that time.
  3. Communicate frequently with all speakers – let speakers know not only what overall theme you’d like them to share but why they are scheduled in a certain order.
  4. Be flexible – as always, remember to be flexible and don’t let minor schedule issues (or even major ones) take away from the true purpose of your retreat – to bring women together for support and encouragement in Christ’s name.
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Multiple Speakers Hold Everyone’s Attention

Needing to schedule multiple speakers is never a bad thing. In my experience, the variety of multiple speakers keeps attendees from becoming complacent. Not every person will connect with every speaker, but with multiple speakers they’re bound to find at least one that truly resonates with them.

I’d love to hear your ideas on scheduling multiple speakers. Please email or comment below with ideas!

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Retreat speaker and title text overlay - How to Schedule when you Have Multiple Speakers.

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