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Meaningful Ways to Use Scripture Prayer Cards

Recently, a reader sent an email asking for ideas on ways to use scripture prayer cards provided in the Loving Christ theme bundles.

Because you might be wondering the same thing, I put together this article in order to help.

A-Z Scripture Prayer Cards

The Feeling Worthy A-Z Scripture Prayer Cards were the first set of cards I created for A Loving Christ.

I printed them for myself as well as providing them for readers, and they’ve provided a quick and easy way to center myself on Christ and His love for me.

Many years ago, Jesus opened my heart and taught me the most important lesson a person can learn – His love will change us for the better when we come to accept and understand that.

Woman praying with title text overlay - Meaningful Ways to Use Scripture Prayer Cards.

Retreat Theme Bundle Scripture Prayer Cards

Knowing Christ within me and allowing His love to guide my life helped me through a devastating grief, gave me confidence when I felt inept, and filled me with deep-seated joy.

Planting a seed to help others know the same became my mission with retreats and with this blog.

Using scripture prayer cards as tools to focus on the Word and remain in a state of openness to His message to us, is a wonderful way to spend time with the Lord.

That’s why I provide prayer cards in each retreat theme bundle upgrade.

How to Use the Scripture Prayer Cards as a Ministry Leader

If you plan to use the prayer cards within a theme bundle at a retreat, you may try one or more of these ideas:

  1. Print a set of scripture prayer cards for each participant. Print on card stock or laminate them.
  2. Add cards to each ladies’ folder and provide the directions for personal use below.
  3. Have ladies choose one card to focus on during a designated quiet time. Give the instructions to read, pray, and listen to what God places on her heart. Gather back together and share.
  4. Print one set per table. Scatter the cards around the table before the ladies arrive. Encourage everyone to discuss how each scripture relates to the theme and come up with one example how they connects personally to the verse.

Personal Use for Scripture Prayer Cards

To use the prayer cards personally, you might like some of these ideas:

  1. Scatter the cards around the house, in the car, in a purse. When you come across one, stop and focus on the scripture. Think how it applies to you.
  2. Read each scripture aloud. Pray and thank God for His love and guidance.
  3. Keep all cards together, Shuffle through and choose one which seems the best for your current situation, so you can pray and reflect on it.
  4. Choose one card per day, write the scripture in a notebook, and journal about it.
  5. Use as bookmarks to keep the Word close.

These cards are tangible reminders of who we are as Christ’s child. They are an easy and quick tool to use for focusing on Jesus when we need a boost throughout the day.

Where to Find Scripture Prayer Cards

Feeling Worthy A-Z Scripture Prayer Cards

All Loving Christ retreat theme upgrade bundles come with theme-related prayer cards. There are many to choose from.

Christian blogger, Arabah Joy, provides many scripture prayer card sets for sale on her website.

If you’ve used scripture prayer cards, I’d love to hear how. Please email me at julie (at) lovingchristministries.com or comment below and let me know!

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Woman facing front and praying with title text overlay - Meaningful Ways to Use Scripture Prayer Cards.
Woman praying with title text overlay - Meaningful Ways to Use Scripture Prayer Cards.

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