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Scripture Writing Binder (400+ Pages)

Hoping to live intentionally in Christ? The Loving Christ Scripture Writing Binder will help you focus on Jesus each and every day.

In the busyness of our days, it’s easy to get distracted or feel too busy to spend time with the Lord. Only by carving out a specific piece of time each day can we grow our relationship with Jesus.

Once we have that little bit of time scheduled, it’s important to spend it in activities designed to help us grow in faith.

If you’re unsure where to start in your quest to deepen your relationship with Jesus, I highly recommend diving into the Word not only by reading it but also by writing it daily.

Writing things down, actually writing and not just typing, helps us remember information. Reading alone does not allow us to retain knowledge. That’s why writing Scripture down is so important.

I know I’ve experienced better recall when I’ve actually handwritten Bible verses. I encourage you to try it, too.

image of pages from the Scripture Writing Binder with title text overlay - Scripture Writing Binder (400+ Pages)

With the Loving Christ Scripture Writing Binder, you’ll receive a dedicated page for every day of the year. You’ll also receive Christian wall art you can use to add faith-filled decor to your home or workspace. 

Because the binder is over 400 pages, you might want to print it off one month at a time. Or, go ahead and print it all so that you can set it up and keep going without pause.

I like to print mine one month in advance, use a 3-hole punch on it, and place it in a 3-ring binder. I then print the binder spine cover which is included and tape it to the spine.

Different sizes of spine covers come in the file, so you can grab any binder you have around the house for your scripture pages. 

If you need a binder, here are the ones I like best from Amazon:

image of pages from the Scripture Writing Binder

Scripture Writing Binder

This gorgeous 400+ page Scripture Writing Binder includes:

  • 365 pages of daily Scriptures to write and reflect on
  • 12 Scripture wall art designs to display or give as gifts
  • Monthly cover pages to keep everything organized
  • Various sized spine covers for any size binder

Topics in the Scripture Writing Binder include:

  • January – Biblical Goal Setting
  • February – God’s Love
  • March – New Creations
  • April – Hope in Jesus
  • May – Motherhood
  • June – Fatherhood
  • July – Freedom in Christ
  • August – Reasons to Rejoice
  • September – Fear Not
  • October – God’s Faithfulness
  • November – Thanksgiving
  • December – The Names of Jesus

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Detailed Look at the Binder Pages

Daily Pages

All daily pages have a dedicated scripture and space to write.

horizontal images of pages from the Scripture Writing Binder (400+ Pages)

Wall Art

The included Christian wall art will look great in a frame either hung on a wall or set on a table. The art makes a wonderful gift to give, too.

image of Christian Wall Art included in the Scripture Writing Binder

Spine Covers

Different sized spine covers will allow you to use any size binder you choose. Simply print and cut out the correct size and tape to the spine binder. I like to use double-sided tape to do this.

image of Scripture Writing Binder Spine Covers

Grab Your 400+ Page Scripture Writing Binder here.

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Sharing the Binder

While I create the intentional living in Christ resources for personal use, I do allow women’s ministry groups to share resources. Feel free to share this binder with the other women in your ministry group as long as you don’t change the pages and you leave the copyright information intact.

However, please do not redistribute or sell the binder as your own.

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image of pages from the Scripture Writing Binder with title text overlay - Scripture Writing Binder (400+ Pages)

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