How to Study the Bible Consistently When You Just Don’t Have Time

It’s not easy to study the bible consistently when you don’t have the time. No matter what fills your schedule, the fact is, your days are full, and fitting in one more thing is never easy.

Even when you have every intention of studying the Word regularly, it’s so common for a day to slip by without it getting done. For me, it helps to join a women’s bible study at church.

When there’s an evening on my schedule dedicated to going to another location to meet with others who expect me, I’m pretty reliable. Plus, I like to have my ‘homework’ done each week so the group does keep me accountable for my study.

In my small town, there aren’t always options for an in-person study. During the in-between times, I want to study on my own. I’m sure there are times you want to as well.

But how do we fit in an in-depth, consistent study when we can barely find the time to breathe?

Here are some tips I’ve found work really well.

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Study the Bible Consistently even When You Don’t Have Much Time

-Find short, meaningful studies that can be done in 15 minutes or less

-Use a Bible app and Bible Study app to easily study on the go

-Listen to Christian podcasts in the car or while you exercise 

-Use the SOAP method or another similar study method to jump right in with any chapter or verse and study it in-depth without taking much time out of your day

In a perfect world, our Bible study will be first. In actuality, it often gets put on the back burner as we hurry to get ready, go to work, take care of the kids, make dinner, clean up, and so on.

With a plan, however, you’ll still be able to fit your faith into the day with little to no problem!

Of course there will still be times when you want a longer study, but for those many days when life seems too full, it’s good to know that deep, meaningful ways to study the bible consistently are available to you.

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