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50+ Summer Fellowship Ideas for Women’s Ministry

If you’re looking for summer fellowship ideas for your women’s ministry, look no further.

In this article, I’m sharing with you more than 50 ideas for fellowship. Some of these are activities that I’ve done in the past with my group and others are ideas sent in by other women’s ministry leaders.

Both busy schedules and miserable temperatures make it difficult to find fellowship ideas. However, you’re sure to find at least one (and probably more) activities you can put together here that’ll take little prep and keep everyone cool.

Three women sitting at table with coffee cups and title text overlay - 50+ Summer Fellowship Ideas for Women's Ministry.

How to Use this List

The quick way to use this list is to scan through and choose an idea or two for your group.

But wait! I have a suggestion that will make your fellowship more interested (and fun!)!

Scroll down to the end of the list and find the instant download of the ideas. Save and print. Then, cut out the ideas into strips, fold them in half, and place them in a jar.

Get everyone involved and choose one person to draw out an activity. This will be your first (or next) summer fellowship activity.

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50+ Summer Fellowship Ideas

  1. Pot-luck brunch
  2. Meet for coffee
  3. Short (4 week) Bible study
  4. Movie night indoors
  5. Movie night outdoors
  6. BBQ/Cookout
  7. Game night
  8. Pool party
  9. Beach day (or lake, river, etc.)
  10. Garden tour
  11. Make homemade dog treats for your local animal shelter
  12. Exercise club
  13. Walk and talk
  14. Meet for lunch
  15. Mall shopping
  16. Water park
  17. Amusement park
  18. Sightseeing
  19. Spa day
  20. Prayer club
  21. Crochet/Knit club
  22. Talent show
  23. Afternoon tea
  24. Cookie exchange
  25. Make Prayer Pails
  26. Attend a concert
  27. Escape Room
  28. Farmer’s market
  29. Summer book club
  30. Summer fun choir
  31. Ice cream social
  32. Paint rocks
  33. Sip lemonade and talk
  34. Nature walk
  35. Feed the ducks
  36. Visit the library
  37. Scavenger hunt
  38. Take a painting class
  39. Make summer hanging jar lanterns/
  40. Make summer painted planters
  41. DIY Scripture coaster craft
  42. Games and Activities event
  43. Outdoor yard games
  44. Play tennis
  45. Play golf
  46. Play pickleball
  47. Paint each others nails
  48. Have a prayer meeting 
  49. Volunteer in the community together
  50. Bake together
  51. Clean and straighten the church library

Printable Summer Fellowship List

Get the printable version of the summer fellowship ideas. Cut out the ideas in strips, fold, and place in a jar. Choose one idea and go with it!

Thumbnail image of page 1 of the summer fellowship list for women's ministry.

There are so many fellowship ideas so that you and your ministry family can stay close over the summer.

Nothing you do has to be intricately planned or any big to-do. Keep the focus simply on being together.

What fellowship activities do you plan in the summer time? I’d love for you to share in the comments below!

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Women sitting with coffee at table and title text overlay - 50+ Summer Fellowship Ideas for Women's Ministry.
Women in a circle holding hands over Bibles and title text overlay - 50+ Summer Fellowship Ideas for Women's Ministry.

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