Thankful for God’s Gifts Reflection

A faith-filled collection of posts about being thankful for God's precious gifts even through the most difficult timesThe opportunity to participate in the faith-filled blog hop, Thankful for God’s Gifts, greatly blessed me. First, being able to write my own story of grief and how I found a way to be thankful helped me grow further in my relationship with God. Then, reading the incredible stories of each of the women who shared their own challenges and how they still found God’s grace and blessing was such an inspiration.

Now that Thanksgiving is past for this year, I’d love to share the entire list of posts with each of you so that together we can remember our thankfulness throughout the rest of this year and on. I pray that you are as blessed and inspired by these posts as I:

How I Became Thankful in Grief (Loving Christ Ministries Blog)

Searching for a step by step guide to navigate the grieving process of losing a loved one is common.  The pain is so deep that we want to know there is an end to it.  Unfortunately there is no secret formula for walking though grief but Julie from Loving Christ Ministries has learned how to heal and wants to share how with others.  http://www.lovingchristministries.com/thankful-grief/

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Thanking God in Overcoming Infertility (Keeper Ministries Blog)

After 4 years of not being able to conceive this mother never lost her faith.  God rewarded her faith by telling her twice that she would give birth and finally she was blessed with a baby girl.  Come read her beautiful story of hope and love.  http://keeperministries.com/2014/11/18/from-barren-woman-to-joyful-mother-gods-perfect-gift/

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Thanking God in the Details (Teena Myers Blog)

Imagine what it would be like to meet the pastor that led you to Jesus 38 years ago.  Then imagine sitting down with him to write his life story.  Today’s post is a powerful and moving testimony.  Sometimes God’s best gifts are showing us His big picture of how our lives intertwine. http://teenalmyers.com/2014/11/19/a-greater-gift/

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Thanking God in Recovering From Abuse (Live Laugh Love Post Blog)

When Joyce got away from her abusive husband after 2 years she still had struggles ahead as she raised her 2 sons as a single mother.  Good thing God was there each step of the way and 10 years later her life is full of Joy.  God really shows up in the details as you will read on Joyce’s blog today.  http://livelaughlovepost.com/2014/11/7-reasons-i-am-thankful-for-god.html

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Thanking God and Serving God With Your Gifts (Jane Reed Photography Blog)

Embracing our talents is one thing.  Discovering how to use those talents to serve others and to glorify God is what life is all about.  When we acknowledge that our skills are gifts from God he blesses us more that we can imagine.  Just ask wedding photographer and Christian blogger Jane Reed.  Part of the Thankful For God’s Gifts Blog Hop. http://thegreentomatoexperience.com/2014/11/21/to-serve-and-capture-wedding-photography-arkansas/

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Thanking God Instead of Just Bringing Him Your Problems (Sister We Thrive Blog)

Often we run to God with our problems and worries.  We forget that to enter into His presence we need to start with being thankful.  Come get an inspirational does of being thankful for God today on the Sister We Thrive Blog.  http://www.lindsyb.com/#!Sister-given-any-thought-to-being-thankful/c1d22/2

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 Thanking God For His Grace To Deal With Chronic Pain (Donna Stone Blog)

Living with chronic pain can sometimes leave you feeling you have little to be thankful for.  Where are the gifts in the fog of hurting all the time?  Come read the eloquent words of Donna Stone as she encourages others in her shoes. http://donnastone.me/2014/11/22/giving-thanks-searching-storm-clouds-silver/

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Thanking God When Parenting Gets Hard (Completely Committed Girl Blog)

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that God chose us to be our child’s mother.  It was a divine appointment to have our unique child assigned to us.   We need to be built up in the confidence that we have the exact skills and experiences required to meet our child’s needs.  Melinda Bennett mother of 3 (2 with autism) reminds us of this very thing today on her blog Completely Committed. http://www.completelycommittedgirl.blogspot.ca/2014/11/one-grateful-mom.html

Twitter: bennmelinda

Thanking God During Financial Struggles (kangacoo Blog)

These days many are getting by with less.  We have gone from excess of funds to scarcity of funds in the last 6 years due to economic changes.    But perhaps getting by with less is a gift from God.  Maybe our daily bread is enough and it’s time to give to others.  http://www.kangacoo.com/kanga-blog/grateful-people-share-daily-bread-is-enough

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As we head into our next holiday season, take time to thank God for His continuing blessings.

Love in Him,

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