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Trusting God in All Circumstances By Bonnie McConaughy

I grew up in the Church of Christ. However, I never had any strength in my faith during that time due to many factors. So I left the church at age eighteen and didn’t go back. In hindsight, I can see that God had a plan for me.

Trusting God in all circumstances isn't easy, but when you feel discouraged or defeated remind yourself that God is in control & He'll take care of you!

A couple of years ago, God answered an unsaid prayer for me where a friend said something to me that I really needed to hear at that moment. Shortly after that, I visited my hometown and attended a women’s Bible class with a family friend. It was there, during the lesson, that things really started clicking into place.

I always thought I had to be perfect, or a “certain way,” but I learned that we are all doing our best and that’s what matters – to listen to God’s word and follow it as best as we can. I was baptized a couple weeks later and one of the biggest focuses I have had since then is leaning on God and trusting in Him. So I would like to share with you some tips that have helped me learn to trust Him more fully.

I firmly believe that our trust in God is one of the most important aspects of our faith. He always has our best interests at heart and a plan bigger than we could ever imagine; we must remember this as we go about our days and place our trust in Him.

A few things to consider each day:

  • There is always a plan, His plan!
    God always has a reason for things that happen in our lives. We may not be able to see it right away, but there is always a plan. He is constantly guiding us to where He wants us to go. He closes doors or opens them and sometimes it may be hard to understand, but if we open our heart and listen to Him, He will never steer us wrong.
  • Remember how powerful He is.
    God is all powerful. Leave everything in His hands, because He knows how to take care of us and whatever we are concerned about. So release your cares and worries to Him, and let Him take care of them. Whenever things are challenging, or worrisome, send them up to God in prayer!
  • Turn to God in prayer, always!
    When you feel weak, overwhelmed, worried, or simply are in need of guidance, pray! Don’t forget to pray about the good things too, thanking God for all He has given you, and sing His praises. The more you turn to, and rely on God, the more you will learn to trust in Him.
  • Visualize releasing your cares and worries to God on a daily basis.
    Take a moment to close your eyes, visualize your cares and worries leaving your body and mind, and send them up to God. Watch them float away. Tell Him that you are letting Him handle them from now on. Then actually leave them with Him and don’t dwell on them anymore.
  • Spend time admiring nature.
    Whether you are indoors looking out the windows or outdoors actually in nature, admire the beauty and magnificence of all God has created and the world in general. Observe the birds and other animals, admire the trees and flowers, and soak up the sunshine. It will remind you how much He is capable of if He made such an amazing world for us to live in!
  • Say encouraging words when they’re placed in your heart.
    God places positive and encouraging words in your heart for a reason. You or someone else in your life really needs to hear them at that moment, or at least very soon. Remember that God has a reason for His timing! That person may need your words more than you could ever know, and just speaking those words to them could help them realize they aren’t alone and that they are appreciated and noticed, and that is a big deal!
  • Surround yourself with other people of faith.
    Talk to and spend time with other people who believe in God. They will help lift you up and in turn, you will help lift them up. Worship God with them, praise Him, and study His word with others of faith. We need this fellowship and it helps strengthen us.
  • Help others wherever you can.
    God calls us to help others wherever we can- donating time, money, energy, or food and materials to those who are in need. Sometimes that simply means being there for someone else, such as being a listening ear or giving experienced advice. Use your strengths, skills,and talents to best help others.
  • Stay strong in your faith in God.
    Remember that He is always watching out for you, and is always taking care of you. Keep living life according to His word. Don’t let anything discourage you from that.

Some days I do feel discouraged or defeated, I’m only human, but I constantly remind myself that God is in control and He will always be there for me. Whatever happens, He has a reason for it. Most of us realize that but it is still tough to deal with disappointments and heartbreak.


Bonnie McConaughy is the owner and founder of Inspire the Best You (www.inspirethebestyou.wordpress.com), where she writes about weight loss, healthy living, self-love, and personal growth. If you are interested in those topics, stop by and read her blog! She is also a freelance and ghostwriter (www.bmcconaughy.weebly.com).











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