6 Tips for When God Calls but You Don’t Feel Worthy

Have you ever felt that nudge inside that you know is God calling you?

How do you answer Him?

I’d like to say I’m always quick to say Yes, Lord, whenever I hear His call. However, that’s not always true.

In fact, my answer tends to go more like this, “Talk about Jesus to other people? Who? Me? I don’t think so! How could I? Why would I? I’m not qualified, good enough, loved enough, faithful enough.”

So many emotions race through me all of which have to do with my own insecurities. I can’t imagine why God would call me, and when He does I worry I might disappoint Him.

Have you felt that way? What have you done when God calls but you don’t feel worthy?

Jesus fills my soul and motivates me to move and grow, to be kind, to appreciate all that I am, all that I have, and all that I see. Why then have I hesitated to share Him with others? 

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I know my hesitation used to come from feeling unworthy of His love. It took the death of my best friend, a journey through grief, and finally, the recognition and acceptance of Christ’s abiding love in me to understand that I AM worthy to talk about God to others.

Let me explain that a little further.

I’m not worthy of talking about Him because I’m better than anyone else. It’s not because I know more than anybody else, nor is it because He loves me more.

Not at all! Instead, I’m worthy to share Christ with others simply because He makes me worthy. It’s because of Him that I can share how much I love Him, how much He’s done for me, and how much He’ll do for everyone if they’re willing to open their hearts to Him.

And you’re worthy, too!

So often, we fear we don’t know enough or that we’ve done too many bad things. Because of that, we believe we’re an unworthy vessel for God to use to reach others. That’s simply not true.

God created us because He loves us and longs for us to be in relationship with Him.

Scripture tells us He knew us before we were even born (Jeremiah 1:5). No matter the situations we’ve gotten into in our lifetime, God still loves us.

When we recognize what He designed us to be, that is when we understand that we are ‘worthy’ to share Him with the world.

Does that make sense? I sure hope it does and would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below.

Hopefully, you’ve spent your life learning about Jesus and striving to allow Him to live through you each day.

When you spend your time focusing on Him and learning all you can through scripture, study, and prayer, then when God calls you, you are ready to go.

But what happens if, like me, you haven’t been doing the work needed to know Him? What do you do then when He calls?

These 6 things will help you when God calls:

1. Be open to His messages to you

2. Find a Christian mentor to help

3. Trust that if He’s calling you then He knows you can do it

4. Make a commitment to listen and obey

5. Pray through your doubts and fears

6. Reap the blessings of peace and gratitude that will fill you when you share Christ with others

Don’t worry any more about being unworthy to serve God when He calls. He’ll equip you with all you need (Hebrews 13:21). Trust Him! I promise it will be worth it and that your life will be so much richer as you listen and step forward in faith


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