Winter Scripture Scavenger Hunts for Women’s Ministry

Winter is a time for reflection, gathering, and sharing moments of warmth and faith with your loved ones. A scripture winter scavenger hunt printable presents a fun way to combine the beauty of the season with spiritual learning and bonding.

This type of scavenger hunt not only provides an engaging activity for all ages but also helps participants connect scripture teachings with the world around them. Printable winter scavenger hunt resources make it easy to organize and facilitate a memorable experience for everyone involved.

As you plan your scavenger hunt, you’ll discover that it’s a great activity that encourages fellowship and teamwork within your community or family.

While navigating through the clues, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the messages embodied in the scriptures amidst the serene landscape of winter.

The hunt brings in a blend of excitement and contemplation, making it a perfect fit for Christian women’s ministry events or simply as a wholesome family endeavor.

Key Takeaways

  • A winter scripture scavenger hunt unites fun and faith for a memorable seasonal activity.
  • Free printables and careful planning enhance the scavenger hunt experience.
  • The activity concludes with spiritual growth and community bonding.
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Planning Your Winter Scripture Scavenger Hunt

Embarking on a winter scripture scavenger hunt is an engaging way to merge the joy of the winter season with a meaningful spiritual exercise. Here’s how to make your experience memorable and uplifting.

Choosing the Right Location

When planning your own winter scavenger hunt, start by selecting a location that offers both safety and scenic beauty. If you hold your hunt outside, a local park or walking trail can provide a serene setting full of signs of winter.

Make sure it’s a place where your women’s ministry group can enjoy fresh air and observe nature’s seasonal changes together.

If whether doesn’t allow, you can hold your hunt indoors within your church. Decorate a few areas with winter scenes to capture the mood.

Selecting Winter Scripture Themes

Choose scripture that reflects the winter season and incorporates winter-themed items into your hunt. T

his process involves crafting a scavenger hunt list that incorporates winter scripture themes, such as scriptures that mention snow or bare trees, linking them to the signs of winter participants will find.

Preparing Your Scavenger Hunt Materials

Create or find a printable scavenger hunt that is easy to distribute and use. Your materials should include a PDF file or printout of the scavenger hunt items, along with instructions.

Safety Measures and Considerations

Safety should be a priority. Go over the privacy policy related to personal use of images if instant cameras are being used.

Remind everyone to be aware of their surroundings, especially if the scavenger hunt takes them on a neighborhood walk or into sequestered areas of a nearby park.

Capturing the Moment

Provide instant cameras to document the outing, encouraging participants to engage their observation skills. Photos can capture moments of discovery and the beauty of nature, creating lasting memories of your outdoor scavenger hunt.

Engaging Through Social Media

If your ministry group is comfortable, use social media to share highlights from your scavenger hunt, which can encourage others to host their own.

You can share through a Facebook page or other platforms, ensuring you adhere to your community’s privacy policy.

By carefully planning each aspect of your winter scripture scavenger hunt, you provide a platform for women of all ages and Bible knowledge, to explore their comfort zone, learn about God’s word, and appreciate the crystalline beauty of His creation during the winter season.

Done-for You Scripture Winter Scavenger Hunts

Winter is such a beautiful time of the year, and it’s the perfect time to lead your women’s ministry in a scripture scavenger hunt.

I always equate winter with a time to rest in our faith. It’s a perfect time to be reminded of resting in the Lord.

In order to make things easier for you, I’ve put together three unique winter scripture scavenger hunts.

Included here are the instructions and all the clues. You can make your own clue cards if you’d like or, if you want to save time, you’ll also find a link to premade cards for every theme in the Loving Christ Shop.

Winter’s Whisper: Seeking Solace in Scripture

This scavenger hunt centers around finding comfort and peace in the Lord during the winter season, a time often associated with introspection and rest.


Participants will start with the first clue and navigate through the retreat area to find subsequent clues. These clues, based on scripture, will require participants to read and interpret verses to discover the next location.

The final clue will lead to a treasure that embodies the theme of resting in the Lord and the tranquility of winter.

Participants can choose to embark on this journey individually or in small teams.


Clue 1: “Begin where warmth gathers in our hearts. Meditate on Isaiah 40:31. Where do we find renewed strength?” (Answer: In the chapel or main meeting room)

Clue 2: “Move to where we shield ourselves from winter’s chill. Ponder Matthew 11:28. Where do we find rest for our souls?” (Answer: In a cozy lounge or sitting area with comfortable seating)

Clue 3: “Journey to where nature sleeps under a blanket of white. Reflect on Psalm 147:16-17. Where do snow and frost make their presence known?” (Answer: Outdoors in a snow-covered area or near a window overlooking a winter scene)

Clue 4: “Head to the space of communal sustenance. Contemplate Acts 2:46-47. Where do we break bread with glad and sincere hearts?” (Answer: In the dining area or kitchen)

Clue 5: “Seek the place of restful slumber. Think on Psalm 4:8 again, but in the context of winter’s night.” (Answer: In a bedroom or lodging area)

Clue 6: “Find the spot where time is marked by nature’s rhythm. Reflect on Genesis 8:22. Where do we witness the continuity of seedtime and harvest, cold and heat?” (Answer: Near a calendar or an area with seasonal winter decorations)

Clue 7: “Venture to where words of wisdom echo. Meditate on Job 37:6. Where does the snow say, ‘Fall on the earth’?” (Answer: Near a library, bookshelf, or reading area with winter-themed books or décor)

Clue 8: “Seek the place where solitary reflection is embraced. Ponder Mark 6:31. Where are we invited to rest awhile?” (Answer: In a secluded prayer room or a quiet corner)

Clue 9: “Tread to where the silent, steadfast companions of winter stand. Consider Job 38:29-30. Where does the ice come from, and who gives birth to the frost from the heavens?” (Answer: Near a garden or outdoor area with winter-bare trees)

Clue 10: “Finally, find where our spirits are uplifted in gratitude, even in the coldest season. Reflect on Psalms 147:12-13. Where do we praise the Lord, who strengthens the bars of our gates?” (Answer: At a place of worship or a special area set up for praise and thanksgiving)


The treasure could be a serene winter-themed piece of scripture artwork, a comforting blanket, or a book of devotional readings perfect for quiet winter evenings.

Include a note saying: “As you’ve navigated these clues and reflected upon God’s word, may your heart find the peace and rest promised by our Lord in every season, especially in the quiet of winter.”

–>>Want to save time? Grab the pre-made cards for this hunt HERE or by clicking the image below. You’ll also receive an end note for you to include with the treasure.

Winter's Whisper Scripture Scavenger Hunt collage.

Harmony in Hibernation: Discovering Divine Guidance in Winter

This scavenger hunt emphasizes seeking and finding divine guidance and wisdom during the winter months, a time for reflection and spiritual growth.


Participants will receive their first clue, guiding them to discover subsequent clues scattered around the retreat location. Each clue is inspired by a scripture, requiring participants to use their Bibles to find the answer and the next clue location.

The final clue will direct participants to a treasure that symbolizes spiritual growth and guidance during the introspective winter season.

Participants can undertake this journey individually or form small groups for a shared experience.


Clue 1: “Begin where warmth and fellowship blend. Reflect on Psalm 133:1. Where do we dwell together in unity?” (Answer: In the common room or fellowship hall)

Clue 2: “Journey to where we find shelter from the winter wind. Ponder Matthew 8:20. Where does the Son of Man lay His head?” (Answer: In a cozy alcove or sheltered outdoor area)

Clue 3: “Move to where we admire the quiet beauty of winter. Meditate on Job 37:6. Where do we witness the splendor of snow?” (Answer: At a window overlooking a snowy landscape)

Clue 4: “Head to where we share stories and warmth. Contemplate Luke 24:32. Where do our hearts burn within us?” (Answer: Near a fireplace or fire pit)

Clue 5: “Seek the place where the written Word provides comfort. Think on Psalm 119:105. Where is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path?” (Answer: In a library or study area with Bibles and devotional literature)

Clue 6: “Find where quiet contemplation and prayer reside. Reflect on Matthew 6:6. Where is the room where we pray in secret?” (Answer: In a private prayer room or a secluded spot)

Clue 7: “Venture to the spot that honors the passage of time. Ponder Ecclesiastes 3:1-2. Where is the time to plant and a time to uproot?” (Answer: Near a calendar or an area showing different seasonal themes)

Clue 8: “Tread to the place where we break bread and share His love. Consider Acts 2:46. Where do we eat together with glad and sincere hearts?” (Answer: In the dining area or kitchen)

Clue 9: “Embark to where nature’s silence speaks volumes. Meditate on Psalm 95:5. Where are the depths of the earth and the mountain peaks?” (Answer: Outside in a natural setting or a garden)

Clue 10: “To conclude, find where our voices unite in songs of praise. Reflect on Psalm 95:1. Where do we sing for joy to the Lord?” (Answer: In a chapel or a designated area for worship and singing)


The treasure could be an inspirational winter-themed devotional book, a journal for recording spiritual reflections, or a piece of artwork that represents peace and guidance.

Include a note saying: “Through this journey in the stillness of winter, may you find the guidance and wisdom you seek in His Word, and may your heart be filled with the peace and clarity that comes from divine understanding.”

–>>Want to save time? Grab the pre-made cards for this hunt HERE or by clicking the image below. You’ll also receive an end note for you to include with the treasure.

Harmony in Hibernation Scripture Scavenger Hunt collage.

Reflections of Grace: Embracing Winter’s Stillness

This scavenger hunt focuses on embracing the stillness and serenity of winter as a time for spiritual renewal and grace.


Participants will start with an initial clue, leading them through a series of scripture-based puzzles and reflections spread throughout the retreat location.

Each clue will be intricately linked with a Bible verse, encouraging participants to delve into scripture to find their next destination.

The final clue will lead them to a treasure that encapsulates the theme of finding grace and tranquility in the quiet of winter.

Participants can undertake this reflective journey either individually or in small, cooperative groups.


Clue 1: “Begin where hearts gather in warmth and prayer. Contemplate Philippians 4:6-7. Where are requests made known to God with thanksgiving?” (Answer: In the chapel or main meeting room)

Clue 2: “Journey to where we find solace from the cold. Ponder Isaiah 41:10. Where does God uphold us with His righteous right hand?” (Answer: In a comforting space like a lounge or a room with warm décor)

Clue 3: “Move to where the world is hushed under a wintry veil. Reflect on Psalm 46:10. Where do we ‘Be still, and know that I am God’?” (Answer: Outdoors in a tranquil, snow-covered area or a quiet room with a winter scene)

Clue 4: “Head to the space where sustenance and fellowship blend. Meditate on Romans 12:13. Where do we share with the Lord’s people who are in need?” (Answer: In the kitchen or dining area)

Clue 5: “Seek the place of rest and renewal. Think on Exodus 33:14. Where does His presence go with us, giving us rest?” (Answer: In a bedroom or a restful area)

Clue 6: “Find where time slows and reflection deepens. Contemplate Psalm 39:5. Where are our days but a mere handbreadth?” (Answer: Near a clock or an area with time-keeping devices)

Clue 7: “Venture to where wisdom and learning reside. Ponder Proverbs 1:5. Where can the wise listen and add to their learning?” (Answer: In a library or study area with spiritual books)

Clue 8: “Tread to the place where we connect with creation. Reflect on Genesis 1:14-18. Where do we observe the lights in the vault of the sky?” (Answer: Outside in an open area or near a window with a view of the sky)

Clue 9: “Embark to where personal prayers ascend. Meditate on Matthew 6:6. Where is our private place of prayer and communion?” (Answer: In a secluded prayer room or quiet contemplative space)

Clue 10: “To conclude, find where communal joy and gratitude are expressed. Reflect on Colossians 3:16. Where does the word of Christ dwell among us richly?” (Answer: In a common area designated for group activities or worship)


The treasure could be a beautifully crafted winter-themed prayer journal, a set of reflective devotional cards, or a piece of art symbolizing peace and grace.

Include a note saying: “As you’ve journeyed through these quiet, snowy paths of scripture, may you find the grace and peace that winter’s stillness offers. Let this season be a time of spiritual reflection and renewal in your walk with the Lord.”

–>>Want to save time? Grab the pre-made cards for this hunt HERE or by clicking the image below. You’ll also receive an end note for you to include with the treasure.

Reflections of Grace Scripture Scavenger Hunt collage.

After the Scavenger Hunt

Completing a winter scripture scavenger hunt not only provides an avenue for spiritual growth but also forges strong fellowship among participants. Your group has enjoyed the great outdoors, perhaps making a snow angel or two, and now it’s time to warm up and share the joy of the day.

Sharing Experiences

Gather everyone together after the hunt and encourage sharing of experiences.

This could involve discussing the evergreen trees seen or the most unique snow shovel design found. It’s a great time to reflect on the fun ideas that made your scavenger hunt a big hit.

Creating Lasting Memories

Encourage your group to take photos next to a grand pine tree or while collecting pine cones. These moments, maybe someone’s favorite thing about the colder months, can form lasting memories.

Including Post-Event Activities

hot chocolate bar can be a big hit as a post-event activity. You could even offer bonus points for the next hunt to anyone who can recall a particular verse tied to an object they found.

Maintaining Engagement

Keep the excitement alive by discussing fun winter scavenger hunt ideas for next year. Remind participants to stay tuned to the bottom of this post for updates, ensuring that happy hunting can continue in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring scripture in an engaging way can be deeply enriching for your women’s ministry. These FAQs will help you create memorable Bible scavenger hunts tailored for adult groups and events.

How can I set up a Bible verse scavenger hunt for a group of adults?

To set up a scavenger hunt for adults, select Bible verses that relate to your ministry’s theme. Then, create clues that lead to different locations associated with those verses. Ensure the level of challenge is suitable for adults, fostering team building and reflection on the scriptures.

Where can I find a Bible scavenger hunt worksheet that I can print for free?

You can find free printable Bible scavenger hunt worksheets tailored for women’s ministry events at Rock Solid Faith. These resources often include a variety of thematic hunts with scriptures and clues ready for use.

What are some engaging Bible scavenger hunt riddles for an outdoor event?

Design riddles that require solvers to think deeply about Bible stories and teachings. For example, challenge participants to find an object that represents a parable or a significant moment in Jesus’ ministry, encouraging discussion among team members.

Are there any Bible scavenger hunt plans specifically designed for Catholic participants?

While many scavenger hunt ideas can be adapted for Catholic groups, you might seek out resources that include Catholic traditions like the Rosary or saints. Check with local Catholic women’s ministries for tailored scavenger hunt plans.

Can you suggest some resources for a KJV Bible-based scavenger hunt with answers?

For a scavenger hunt using the King James Version of the Bible, you can create your own clues based on verses or refer to sites like Scavenger Hunt, which may provide KJV-specific questions and answers.

What items should I include in a scavenger hunt that make it relevant to various Bible scriptures?

Incorporate items that symbolize biblical concepts, such as stones to represent David’s victory over Goliath or bread to signify the Last Supper. Each item found can serve as a prompt for discussing the related scripture and its significance.

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