10 Beautiful Worship Songs about How Big God Is

Worship Songs about How Big God Is for Your Women’s Retreat

These 10 songs all go along with the Beach, Bible, Belonging FREE retreat theme that you will find here on the blog. You can also check out 15 Encouraging Scriptures for Understanding How Big God Is to find supplemental verses to use at your retreat.

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It’s incredible to me to think of the magnitude of God. He surrounds us, is within us, and connects us. If you ever feel insignificant, remember that you make up a part of that magnitude. Together, we are the body of Christ.

Praise God!

A false thought we might have is that since the Body is so large, we aren’t really that important. That’s simply not true. We’ve been designed to be a significant part of Christ’s Body, and knowing that can truly change our lives!

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There’s something, too, about coming together with other believers and singing praise to God, the Father. That connection among us is a great representation of the magnitude of Him I mentioned earlier. Music truly can touch our soul plus send our love message to Jesus.

What a blessing!

For the Beach, Bible, Belonging retreat theme, I chose love songs that are upbeat and exciting and also songs that cause your heart to swell as you take in the magnitude of what it means to love Jesus and to be loved by Him.

These are my 10 favorite worship songs about how big God is:

Pieces – Meredith Andrews (listen on YouTube HERE)

Hosanna in the Deep – Brenton Brown (listen on YouTube HERE)

Oceans: Where Feet May Fail – Hillsong United (listen on YouTube HERE)

I Belong to God – Big Daddy Weave (listen on YouTube HERE)

Jesus – Chris Tomlin (listen on YouTube HERE)

What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship (listen on YouTube HERE)

The Same Power – Jeremy Camp (listen on YouTube HERE)

How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin (listen on YouTube HERE)

We are the Body of Christ – Keith Lancaster (listen on YouTube HERE)

If We are the Body – Casting Crowns (listen on YouTube HERE)

Ways to share these worship songs about how big God is at your retreat:

-Have a music leader who plays an instrument and sings, leading the ladies throughout.

-Play CDs or an MP3 Playlist and let the ladies sing along

-If you have a laptop and projector, display the lyrics (Be careful about copyright. Most churches have access to worship songs legally so go through proper channels.) on a screen or the wall and sing along

-Provide printed lyrics and sing a capella

Whether you use these songs or others, please take special care when choosing your music. Worship songs that help us understand how big God is fit perfectly with the Beach, Bible, Belonging themed retreat.

Without music, our retreats would not be the same, would they? I’m so thankful for the gift of music!






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  1. Julie,
    Genius. I love your song selections to sing to our God. This is a favorite concept of mine. I’ve done many lessons to help my audience realize that we do have a wonderful, BIG glorious God. A capable, loving Father who is big but never too big to comfort us when we need it.

    Thank you for sharing your creative ideas.

    Be Inspired,

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