Worship Songs about Joy in Jesus

Songs about joy in Jesus embody the transformative power that faith can have on one’s outlook on life. This type of worship music can often serve as a source of encouragement, reminding listeners of the strength and happiness found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The joy of the Lord is a prevalent theme in these songs, one that suggests a profound sense of gladness that transcends the ups and downs of everyday life.

When you immerse yourself in worship music that celebrates the joy in Jesus, you’re not simply singing; you’re also reinforcing the foundations of a faith-filled life.

Such songs encourage believers to express their joy unabashedly, often leading to a sense of empowerment even in the midst of difficult times. These tunes can be a rallying cry for Christians to hold onto their joy, regardless of circumstances, because of the steadfast love and peace that Jesus offers.

Key Takeaways

  • Worship music about joy strengthens faith and encourages a positive outlook.
  • Songs about joy in Jesus allow for an expressive celebration of spiritual happiness.
  • Listening to joyous worship songs can provide comfort and empowerment during challenging times.
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Worship songs about joy lift us up and bring us closer to God and to one another.

I want to share with you my favorite worship songs about joy. These songs all go along with the Joy in Jesus retreat theme that I recently shared here on the blog. You can also check out 16 Scriptures about Joy to find supplemental verses to use at your retreat.

For every retreat, music sets the mood; the songs you pick for your retreat will determine the feeling of the day. When it’s time for quiet worship, slower, more traditional hymns work well. 

And when you’re ready to motivate the ladies to get up and move, fast-paced worship music is the way to go.

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Before our retreats, I meet with the music leader to look through song books and choose the ones that fit best with the upcoming theme.

 Sometimes, when I don’t know the exact song I just explain to her how the mood of the message will be, and she knows just what to pick.

These are my 10 favorite worship songs about joy:

Rejoice in the Lord Always (again I say Rejoice) – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

Trading My Sorrows by Darrell Evans (This one was a direct answer to a prayer and how I began speaking at/holding retreats. I’ll share that with you in a future post.) – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy) by Chris Tomlin – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

Joy – Rend Collective – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

Here in Your Presence – New Life Worship – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

From the Inside Out – Hillsong – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

Sing for Joy – Don Moen – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

Let There Be Praise – Sandi Patty – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

You are Joy – Warr Acres – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

Through All of It – Colton Dixon – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

(BONUS song about joy *SMILE*) I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart (Where?) – Watch it on YouTube HERE.

This one just makes me extra happy! It’s definitely not a new song; it was one of my kids’ favorites when they were little and was around even before I was little. No matter! It’s still fun to sing!

Ways to share these worship songs about joy at your retreat

If you’re using a theme of joy, a great way to share worship songs would be to implement any of these ideas:

-Have a music leader who plays an instrument and sings, leading the ladies throughout.

-Play CDs or an MP3 Playlist and let the ladies sing along

-If you have a laptop and projector, display the lyrics (Be careful about copyright. Most churches have access to worship songs legally so go through proper channels.) on a screen or the wall and sing along

-Provide printed lyrics and sing a capella

Whether you use these songs or others, please take special care when choosing your music. Worship songs about joy will fit perfectly with the Joy in Jesus themed retreat if you choose to lead that or they’ll work with just about any other theme.

I’m so thankful for the music that brings life to our retreats. Without it, I just don’t think the experience would be the same

Foundations of Joy in Jesus

In exploring the profound concept of joy in Jesus and our God of glory, you’ll find that its roots are deeply embedded in the promises of Scripture and the transformative relationship with the Savior.

Biblical Understanding of Joy

The joy of the Lord is a recurring theme throughout the Bible, embodying a sense of gladness that comes from knowing and being in relationship with God. It’s a joy that transcends circumstances because it’s anchored not in what happens around you but in God’s steadfast presence in your life. The love of God is described as unwavering and powerful, able to instill a true joy inside you that resonates even through trials.

  • God’s unconditional love offers solace and strength, granting a perpetual source of joy no matter what you face.
  • The Joyful praise found within the Psalms highlights this as an active response to the goodness of God.

Jesus Christ: The Center of Our Joy

At the heart of this joy is Jesus Christ, the Savior reigns with grace and truth. Knowing Jesus by name brings a personal dimension to this joy—invoking the name of Jesus can fill you with new hope and a conscious rejoicing because the Lord of love is at work in your life.

  • Through Jesus, you encounter God’s joy in its purest form, as He is the embodiment of God’s love.
  • Embracing Jesus as the center means your life is filled with a joy that can never be diminished by worldly concerns.

Remembering and vocalizing that the Savior reigns can become a source of comfort and assurance, fostering a joy that is ever-present and ever-renewing.

Expressions of Joy Through Music

Within the sphere of Christian worship, music stands as a vibrant expression of joy and faith. Your experience with worship music will likely involve a range of genres, influential artists, and its integral role within church services.

Worship Music Genres and Styles

Worship music is as diverse as the global church itself, featuring a wide array of genres and styles that cater to different tastes and traditions. You’ll find everything from amazing songs like traditional hymns to contemporary worship songs that incorporate pop, rock, and even hip-hop elements.

For example, Hillsong Worship and Elevation Worship are known for their modern worship anthems that are cherished in many congregations. Meanwhile, folk-infused collectives like Rend Collective bring a unique sound to the worship scene, highlighting the multifaceted nature of worship music.

Notable Worship Leaders and Artists

Your journey through worship music may introduce you to songs penned by renowned artists like Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, whose compositions like “How Great Is Our God” and “10,000 Reasons” are sung in churches around the world.

Artists such as Phil WickhamLauren Daigle, and Tauren Wells offer powerful worship songs that are both spiritually stirring and musically compelling. Maverick City Music has emerged as a fresh voice in the worship music landscape, delivering beautiful songs that echo the sounding joy of communal faith.

The Role of Music in Church Services

In your local worship service, music typically serves as both a vehicle for praise and a conduit for experiencing God’s presence. From the opening call to worship to the closing benediction, worship teams utilize a mix of upbeat Christian songs and contemplative anthems to lead the congregation into a worship experience.

Resources such as digital downloadschord charts, and free lead sheets from online platforms like Worship Online have become invaluable for worship leaders, allowing them to craft a worship service that reflects the glorious joy and power of the Holy Spirit.

Whether it’s through a live band or a simple acoustic set, these songs foster a worship atmosphere where faith is celebrated and deepened.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will help you explore and discover songs that exalt the joy found in Jesus, spanning modern worship to longstanding hymns and vibrant Gospel traditions.

What are some contemporary worship songs that focus on expressing joy in Jesus?

Contemporary worship music often offers a powerful way to reflect the joy of faith. For example, Hillsong Worship’s “Exceeding Joy” portrays the immense happiness found in Jesus’ love and grace. Worship Online also offers 10 Worship Songs About Joy including tutorials to learn them.

Can you suggest some old hymns that celebrate the joy of the Lord?

Timeless hymns like “Joy to the World” illustrate the deep joy of Jesus’ arrival on Earth. Written by Isaac Watts in 1719, this hymn is an iconic celebration of joy in the Lord and a staple in Christmas festivities.

What worship songs are recommended for women’s ministry events that emphasize joy in Jesus?

Women’s ministry events may feature songs that embody joy within a communal and uplifting context. Hello Music Theory recommends a list of worship songs about joy that could resonate well at women’s gatherings, catering to collective worship experiences.

Could you list some gospel songs that are ideal for solo performances and encapsulate joy in Jesus?

Solo gospel songs that capture joy might include contemporary tracks like “Blessed Be Your Name” or traditional picks with personal testaments of faith. The workshop and expression of joy through solo performance can be a powerful experience.

Are there any worship songs that especially highlight hope and love in the context of joy in Jesus?

Certain worship songs skillfully intertwine the themes of hope, love, and joy in their lyrics and melodies. “Love Has A Name” by Jesus Culture is an example, celebrating the joy brought through Jesus, as noted by Worship Online.

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10 Best Worship Songs about Joy

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  1. The kids’ song is actually the one that sent me online searching for more songs about joy.
    My babies are 37yo and 21yo The kid songs seem to be the ones that come to mind without thinking too hard.

  2. I have to say, I smiled pretty big when I read “Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in my Heart”. I am still smiling although that might change when the melody gets stuck in my head for the rest of my day 😉 but there are worse songs that could be stuck there. (seriously, ever heard the six times tables song!?!)

    Great post and a great list of songs.

    1. LOL Michele! I’m the same way…I LOVE the song. It just makes me happy, but then it’s in my head all day long! You’re right, though. There could be worse songs! Thank you so much for commenting!

  3. There are some great songs on this list! Julie, so glad you’re sharing your expertise on retreat planning with #BVNetwork ladies. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I’m so happy to be a part of #BVNetwork! So much solid Christian encouragement. I’m so thankful!

  4. Julies,
    You have a very nice Web site here, and doing a very good work of helping women with retreats. That is such a needed area. If that is ever in my future, I know where to come. I love your worship song collection. The WOW songs I love, and I wish we still sung SHOUT to the Lord in our church. God bless you mightily! Your #BVCNetwork neighbor.

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