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How to Find Your Worth in Christ

Find Your Worth in Christ

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, the old us is gone. We are a new creation.

This is Part 4 of 4 in my Hey, I’m Worthy series. You can read the others starting here – 9 Ways to Remember You’re Perfect the Way You Are.

The moment I understood who Christ is and how exactly He works in and with my life, I understood my worth. It took me long enough!

I remember as a young child thinking that once a person had become a Christian, that was all they had to do. At that point of accepting Christ, they would automatically be perfect. Well, I guess they are perfect in Him, but I mean worldly perfect. It never made sense to me that someone would claim to be a Christian and then they would choose to lie or steal or drink or…you get the point. I mean, I always knew I said that I was a Christian, but I didn’t even really know what that meant either. I can’t tell you when, exactly, as a child I accepted Christ. Jesus just always was in my life.

I grew up in church – a wonderful, loving, accepting church devoted to sharing stories of Christ’s love. My youth group had a tremendous affect on my upbringing. I felt love and acceptance there, but you know what? I never equated that with God’s love. I equated it with the people in the group but really had no idea God actually was a part of it all. And because of that, I didn’t ever really have a ‘moment’ in time (until my late 30s) that defined when I became a Christian. Even so, even being a Christian my whole life (baptized at 11), I always struggled with the question ‘when were you saved?’. I figured I was saved when I was baptized, but some churches said no, you are saved and then baptized. And then, even so, what did it mean to be saved if it didn’t mean you were all of a sudden a perfect person?

It wasn’t until I experienced the death of someone very close to me and subsequent journey through grief that I finally had the ah-ha moment of who Christ is and how exactly He works in and with my life. I share that story in my testimony, but I also tell about it in the post Christ is in Me! Who Knew?!. I invite you to read about the very moment when I understood. 

So yes, even though I had ‘accepted’ Christ all my life, I had never really known what that meant. From the depth of these feelings, I knew this was what people really meant when they talked about being saved or being born again. I’m sure there are lucky people who just know that feeling all their lives and also KNOW that it’s from God. I wasn’t one of them who recognized where it came from and what it really was. After my grief revelation, I knew.

Because my perspective was one of an adult by this point, I understood that my life wouldn’t suddenly be perfect. However, I also understood that even though we will never be ‘worldly perfect,’ we are perfect in Him.

Christ is where my worth comes from.

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